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Friday, June 10, 2011

Food and surprise plan

then my dad learned how to cook...

he loves the crowd
so he invited people over to try his Tomyam Beehoon Soup LOL
they all said he PASSED!

looks pretty good hey?
it's actually pretty good
but i don't get to eat any
because i'm going out to see my man
and i know he's gonna feed me==
so i only tried like 2 sip and it's awesome
Good job daddy <3 p="p">

my aunt wants to take picture too
have to make it pretty she said LOL

and let's welcome, the cook of the day's...back!
he was so happy about being acknowledge as a good cook haha
so cute, my daddy ^^

came over to study yesterday
were studying and then got hungry so we ate pizza
i baked him pizza...
yea right!
those instant ones of course XD
then did some intense workout with him
cause he's so ticklish
but too bad he's stronger
i end up getting attacked ==

his chest is sooo comfy
although is disappearing
because he the slacker stop working out lately
all his muscle, bye bye soon haha

trying to study
but keep being distracted ><
while he's actually studying so hard beside me lol
felt bad so i actually started study after this ONE picture >D

i made him kimbap!!!
i'm so nice i know~
but why is his face like this?!
it's not because it's not good k?!!
well there's actually a story behind LOL
so he's actually a tester
not like purposely making food for him k?
because i'm making kimbap tomorrow for the father's day party at Qing Jie's place as we are celebrating it early kkk
and it's for daddy right?
so i want to give dad a surprise
so i didn't want daddy to know that i'm making it for him
but i have to do it at home
so i have my man over and try my kimbap
at the same time i can tell dad i'm making this for Pat
so that he wouldn't know and that he will get jealous haha
best plan ever right?
but he is keep giving Pat jealousy glare
and I keep making him eat in korean saying, " you better eat!"
and he's like," can we just tell him? this is really hard to digest!" LOL
and that's why he has this face kkk
before that he was like it's soo good hehe
i swear it's good!

this is the second round already
and i'm keep being like it's all yours LOL

make him pose with the very delicious kimbap XD

he already ate like more than half of it kkk
and i know it's not SO GOOD
probably not even good
but thanks for finishing it anyway
love you baby
for helping out
not helping me make
but accepting those death glares haha

have to workout more after so much food T.T

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