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Monday, December 31, 2012

Highlights of 2012 & New Years Resolution!

Lets see.

  1. Started Bodyrocking. (Gotta work those abs!)
  2. Started blogging again. (Always love writing)
  3. Officially working for Milktee Clothing now (Free Clothes..not)
  4. Moved into a new homestay with Pecan Sweetie Pie. (Make him breakfast like a wifey)
  5. Actually got to my goals in study! (Don't ask!)
I really wished I got another job here in Canada but I couldn't yet. (Sad face)
So, that's why we have my New Years Resolution.
  1. Get a job!! (Need monayy!)
  2. Get a camera. (Take beautiful pictures yay!)
  3. Get into Asper Business School. (Academic goals always comes after greed, Love it!)
  4. Transfer back to Calgary by the end of the year. (Missing my butt-dies)
  5. Keep blogging. (Don't give up!!)
  6. Lose 10 kg. (Come on, one year!)
  7. Eat more raw, eat less meat.
That's it!
Hopefully I could make it!!

Have a wonderful, blissful New Year ahead!
Happy 2013 and good luck!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 is ending soon

2012 was a good year hey.
2013 is going to be better! I promise.
I always like to believe the coming ones will be better. I believe it on everything, coming batch of cookies, next restaurant, next boyfriend, next exercise, everything.
See, if this one is the best, for you, then it will stay (to the boyfriend. yea. you hear me.)
The bad thing about this, I always regret buying the last skirt after finding a better one. Darn.

I really don't want 2012 to end.
I mean, I love being 20 but, I don't wanna grow older anymore. I love this!
Love my energy level, love my life, love my man, love my friends, love the lightweight on my shoulder. Love everything! (don't you dare tell me you're pressure kiddo, you have no idea what's coming don't you? now eat your veggies!)
It's just not fun to grow older. I never liked growing old, ever since I know I am, like since 9 years old.
Whatever. No choice? Suck it up, move on, enjoy it.

To enjoy the end of 2012, I celebrate it with shopping and baking (celebrate means console myself with), of course I have to. What's other reason to smile? Other than Pecan beside me, Pooh and Poh bear beside me, holiday season...

I love this colour!
My dear bro send this bag in for me. Bowler... I mean bro... I love you.
It's my birthday present.
Feel so bad for being such an unproductive employee but yet they still love and forgive me.Thank you. I can't tell you how happy and touched I am. I just am.
See, I told you I have THE BEST family.

In the end, the holiday season did not make me much happier.
Nothing goes the way they should.
My waistline went up, and the amount in my account went down down down.
Not happy.

Why won't anybody hire me?!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays.

My thoughts on my birthday:
Please give all the presents to my parents. When my daddy email me the birthday email, I reply him this
"Congrats daddy!! I've been officially causing trouble to you and mummy for 20 years now, and guess what? there is more to come!!! yay!!"

Ya my poor daddy mummy, and the world basically. I'm so sorry for your lost. My dad always say he grew all those white hair because of me. Maybe not all, but I'm pretty sure I'm responsible for at least 3 of them.
Yet they send me cards. Best parents ever. You know when you look at status or blogs everywhere else, everyone was like their parents are the best, no, mine are the best, for real.

As to the world, I know I have been causing air pollution all the while, by breathing, and using air conditioner, etc. I'm sorry.
Thanks to those who appreciate my birth, I'm so touched. I really am. I'm glad you actually think it's a good thing that I'm born(are you sure?), so thank you! Though I still feel sorry to the world and those who took my shit all the while. Love y'all!!
I've been only causing damage since I was born, nothing productive, yet. Hopefully I can change that one day(?).

So sweet right? My girls. I really love them so much. You have no idea how much I miss them. For 2 years now I haven't seen them. Yet they still bother to send me something. February kay? I'll go see you guys and buy you guys delicious food. Promise.
Anyway, if you need my address let me know. Just kidding. Don't stalk me. I know I'm gorgeous. I SAID I'M JUST KIDDING!

Why won't it rotate? grr.
Made deviled eggs a little bit, just a tiny bit, before my birthday for...early celebration. Don't judge me. This is just the beginning of the "early celebration". Everyone needs appetizer for a proper meal.

Ignore the dirty counter. Just wanna show you how I cut my watermelon. Yea, I eat watermelon, the super out of season fruit in Winter. I made a mess to keep the pretty round. Took me 30 minutes but I conquer this huge watermelon! As big as a microwave door. mm hmm.

 Well, before dessert fruit you have to have main dish. I was lazy so I just casseroled(is that even a word?) Simple, easy, quick, and it won't go wrong. Bacon, onion and egg with hollandaise sauce. Homemade Hollandaise sauce!!! Clap for me.

Favourite favourite favourite month of the year. Three favourite just in case I have a 2nd less favourite month.
December!!! yea. If you're asking me why then we're not friends. Com'on isn't it obvious.
Holidays, food, good food, delicious food, sinful food, baking season, no school, wake up at 12, my birthday, a bunch of birthdays, Christmas, New years, party. I can go on forever if you want me to. Did I mention food? ya.
The only thing I don't like will probably be Winter. yucks. Especially since I live in Canada. grr, yucks.
Who hates getting into a cold car with freezing chairs? And getting out of shower, or simply leaving the warm building, or thinking what to wear, not to look nice but not to make people think you're from 3 centuries ago and still be warm. You know, all those. yea, we are friends. I love ice in drinks, not on the floor where you can fall and die.

Don't tell me about your warm weather being too hot!!! Or -3 degree is cold. I will tie you up and throw you out in my backyard. I'm sure you will tell me I'm pretty in 3 minutes.
Good thing I've learned to become a piece  of blanket since the holiday start so it's all good. we all know where blanket belongs.

Christmas dinner is Gyudon. Cause we have no where to go and we have only each other here so we decide to cook ourselves a light dinner with some amazing AAA beef. Oh yea. Those are good.
Simply thankful to at least have somebody you love so much to be around you when family is not around on days where everybody embrace their families.

The day before this, Pecan actually bring me to this place to have Thai Food. I don't know if he knows I'm crazily home and friend-sick cause of Christmas and craving for Thai food. But it's just so nice of him and I was happy for the rest of the month.
Now this is an actual early celebration, one day before birthday.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take any picture of my birthday dinner. It was my landlord trying to celebrate Christmas with us a day earlier and she doesn't know, but it was my birthday so let's just make it my birthday dinner. shh.

Anyhow, we didn't take any picture that day but I did baked a chicken a couple days earlier to "early celebrate" with my hub Pecan alone.
This was in the oven for about 6 hours. Had to prepare this 2 days ahead with all the brine-ing, drying the skin and blanching. Long process but it really does taste amazing. At least we loved it!

매리 크리스마스 자기야
우리가 내년는 고칠해야것 고칠하자
날 더 사랑해줘라
나도 널 많이많이 사랑해니까

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Saving Tips

You know boxing day is just around the corner and some website/places already have their boxing sale on and it's just not safe.
It's really the best time to review some saving tips to fight off those situations where you THOUGHT you have to. so that you will save yourself and save burning a hole in your pocket.

you know you walk into that store, type in that website and you're like
"I'm just gonna look, I don't need anything" 

then you saw that dress or that shoes and you're like
"OMG I was looking for that for EVER now and IT IS ON SALEEEE!!" 
"OMG 75% off?! this is crazy!!"

then the next thing is you realize you are paying for it. same thing happens in this store, that store that online store, etc etc.

tomorrow when you wake up you are happy but when you go through your stuff you're like
"shit why did i buy this?!"

then when you check your account and you're like
"Foosh...I'm so screwed, my 5 months savings gone!"

worst is when you really saw this one thing you ACTUALLY want/need 2 days later and you realize you are out of "the paper". you will not be happy. trust me. I know.
don't do that. I warned ya.

Alright. These used to work on me, hopefully it still does.

Number ONE => Go away - first.
Go walk around! or surf around. Leave that product for a couple of hours. you have other stores that you want to go anyway so go there first. If online, go look at other products first.
If you really love it, you will remember to go back to get it, if you don't really love it that much, then you don't need to waste money on it EVEN THOUGH IT'S CHEAP!If you only remembered it when you get home, then you don't love it, trust me, tomorrow you will thank yourself. If you really love it that much, buying it tomorrow when the sales is over, you will still feel worth it. If you feel like the original price don't worth it then it doesn't worth even the discount price. REMEMBER THAT. In fact,  sometimes,  you just need a little time to wake up from that moment where power of discount strike you. when you leave the product for a couple of hours or simply couple of minutes, when you come back and look at it, you will realize you don't really like it. It's not as perfect as when you first saw it. Sometimes, it really is all it takes. So, walk away first.

Number TWO => Take your time to leave the house!
Don't go the earliest, don't go when nobody is buying. Go when everybody is crowding. Human are impatience and this is where it works, when you see the line. This is the moment when you realize if you really love the stuff.
"Do I love it that much that it worth me waiting in that crazy ass line over there? It might take all the time I could use to shop at my favourite store over there..."

Then you know this stuff in my hand, is not that amazing anymore. Also the crowd might really make you feel really uncomfortable that you just want to leave ASAP that you won't even bother go through the entire store and find more things that you "want". You just want to go instead of staying there being part of a can tuna. PLUS you don't have to wake up early. Win-win right?

Number THREE => Go OUT!
This is for online shoppers(me). if you are home, you will just go to those websites with the big SALE word on their homepage and then you're screwed. So just go out, go to friend's house, go to party, go out for meal, even the mall actually. Splurge on meal, go ahead, don't worry, no matter what, it won't be more than what you will spend if you're on the site. Girls, I know you, you are more wise on spending on eating, you won't buy it if it's too expensive. It's  just not the same attitude when it comes to clothes or accessories. Plus, how much can you eat really? Don't stay home, don't say you'll clean your room, or you'll do assignment, or you'll clean the house. Don't lie to yourself. You won't and you know that.
Why I say going to the mall is okay? Well, if you are a online shopper like me, you probably don't like the crowd so you won't enjoy it anyway so, you really won't wanna buy anything cause you can't stand the craziness.

Number FOUR => Don't bring your cards.
Keep it at home. Cards have those power where it gives you the illusion that you're not spending your money right now so it's okay and you get carried away so easily, before you even realized it. Use only cash, and when you're out of it, you're out, and you HAVE to stop. Much more control in how much you're spending too cause you know EXACTLY how much you spend the day. It really helps when you're shopping too. Cause you clearly SEE how much you have and you know if you buy "this" your money is gone so you have to buy only the ones you need. It's basically your budget. No wasting. yay. No mistake. No accidents.
The rule is not to bring it, just leave them at home. Don't say I'm just gonna leave them in my wallet because that is NOT what you gonna do. After all your cash is gone, you will say 
"just using my card on this ONE, just one."

Yea right. More like each and every one after that. Ya. I know you well.

Number FIVE => The hardest way apparently, get a saving freak boyfriend.
This work like a charm to me. Pecan is a saving freak. He will get mad at me if I spend too much so it's pretty scary. And that pressure there, works better than any thing. So I keep him around when I try to shop and bring him to the mall with me. His death glare really helps. Or sometimes he just bullshit about how ugly that shirt looks and I'll wake up from power of discounts. Even though sometimes that shirt is really not that ugly, why would you buy something that your boyfie think it's ugly right? You won't have time to think about his evil plan of saving money so just bring him with you. 
Hardest part is probably to find a guy like that. That I can't help. I'm no love expert. Sorry. It wasn't my choice neither. sigh. (Love ya, Pecan!)

These are just for the people who wants to save but just HAVE to go try looking for something.
sign of you being these people : 
  1. You tell yourself "I'm just joining the crowd just going around, I'm not gonna buy anything."
  2. You actually planned to go to the mall early with your girls but you tell them you won't buy anything.
  3. You go to the websites everyday waiting for the sale to start even though "I am just looking".
  4. You buy a bunch of stuff you don't use numerous boxing day before.
  5. You JUST splurged on Black Friday.
  6. You JUST splurged on Cyber Monday.
  7. You already know who you are.
Anyway, these are just the stuff that works for me and my reminder before THE DAY comes. If you are extreme shopaholic (I'm probably like a medium?) maybe it won't work too. Don't blame it on me if your wallet still burn a hole.

Alright, xoxo, wish us girls luck. Save our wallet!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I couldn't stop my tears whenever I watch the video, saw a picture or hear the news.
It's simply heart-wrenching to be even think about it.
I can't help it, I don't know any of those people, yet, it hurts.
I can't get over it, I can't feel better.
Can you imagine being part of the victim's family?
I can't even get over it how do they?
It's Christmas is 10 days.
They set up the tree and got all the presents ready to give out, but some will not be accepted now.
It really breaks my heart.
Children, adults, with past but more future. Went to school or work one day and never came home.

I don't know what to say.
Should I curse the killer? Should I swear at him? As if it matter?
Should I say something consoling to the family? encouragement? I don't know.
Nothing is going to help, at all.

I really don't think going to hell, burn in fire is gonna be enough as a punishment for the killer.
He did not just kill some people.
27 might not be a big number, but 27 families torn apart is not a small matter. It's 27 families when one is already too much.

I just couldn't calm down.
It not easy for me, and totally ridiculous for that dad and that mummy.
It must not be real. How can it be?

Just hug them, and cry with them.
It's not gonna hurt less, it's not gonna go away.
It's not okay.
It's really not.
But hopefully through time, we can learn to simply miss instead of being sad.
Cause those who went away, wouldn't wanna see their loves one being sad too.
So let's try k?

It's okay to not be okay.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Diet Fail

When can I get those waistline?
When can I stuck myself in those pants?
When can my ass not be able to handle that big size pants?

Couple of days I'm so motivated, asking all those questions to myself everyday.
Today I'm chewing down ooey gooey cookies I made myself dip in Coffee White Chocolate ganache.

I can never put in mind the fact that your abs is made in the kitchen.
Diet fail.

Luckily today isn't over yet so I get to work my ass off to put it up. I better do!!!
My lazy ass sometimes just ignore my will. Sigh.

It's okay, I'm gonna prove this time different!
This time, it will NOT be the same!

Sometimes, you just need to encourage yourself and I will keep going.


Hell yea.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


And you thought that was it. you thought nothing more can go wrong in my kitchen. you thought I'm not that idiotic, it can't be possible. WRONG!
It just happened.

It's not like I never studied it before, I went to Chemistry class like everybody else, I should know better, but yet I don't.
It was all nice and perfect too, until I burnt my hand. sigh.

I was in the mood to bake his favourite pie, the infamous Pecan Pie is it.
It's sinful yet absolutely sweet and amazing.
Mr.Pecan always had sweet tooth. He will not admit it to you though. Makes me wonder, what's so bad about sweet tooth? Especially on somebody that doesn't get fat AT ALL. (arrgghh D:)
Anyway, but I know better, he likes sweet stuff but he can't eat too much of it if it's toooo sweet.
That's pretty like me, we have this couple taste (ooohhhhh)
He likes things that's sweet but have something else to balance it out but still sweet.
You'll know what I mean if you try out my Pecan Pie. He absolutely lovessss Pecan Pie, not necessarily mine, in fact I don't even know if he likes mine ><
Anyway, Pecan Pie is sweet and buttery and fragrance because of the toasted nut. Commercially, they put mostly sugar, but my homemade ones, have molasses in there, at least more than what they put in that pecan pie from Superstore (oops lol), oh so good.
Homemade Pecan Pie brings the tastiness to a new level especially if you can get the perfect flaky crust, which is also what makes me lose confidence about my pie, mine wasn't flaky. At least not flaky enough to call it a perfect pie. So sad, but I will keep trying!!

Oh wow, before I realized this just turned into a post about Pecan pie.

Alright let's come back.

So, I JUST got a new 9-inch glass pie plate that makes me absolutely excited to make something out of it. So I did and it was all nice and beautiful, I took my pie out of the oven with a pair of oven gloves and wanted to let it rest.
I mean, I know ideally I should.... and I want that I won't burn my I did...for 3 minutes....then...yea...
It smells too good to resist! Plus, I need to try it before I could hand it to others righttttt? What if it taste like cooked blanket(eww!)? I have to avoid that by trying it, first...stop staring, I'm very serious.
So I have to dig in, so I have to move my pie. At this point, gloves already off. It smells so good that I totally forgot that this is not my previous crappy aluminium pie plate anymore. Idiotic enough I touch the glass to try if it's too hot to handle, I do it all the time, on my METAL baking dish.
Tell me, who doesn't know glass absorb and release heat extremely slow compare to metal? Who doesn't know that means when they finally absorb all the heat they hold on to them for a longgg time? Guess who doesn't? yes me! and of course, my finger kiss the fire and wow, that hurts.
Well, at least now my pie really get to rest a little bit now. sigh.
If you never tried being burnt, oh bless you. don't.
It's the worst.
Even a cook will tell me she'll prefer being cut(like a small cut, not chop off) than being burn.
you know it's bad when a cook said that, they face knifes and fire everyday.
When Pecan come home I tell him he better love me more everyday, well, he should right?! he better...i hope he does......

I should've listen. Eating hot desserts is bad luck, don't you know?
As you can see even attempt to eat hot desserts activate the bad luck.
Lesson learned the hard way. oh well.

Friday, December 7, 2012

youtube life

Is it just me or everybody does that?

I don't usually subscribe to people on Youtube. I used to try not to.
Until I realize I can't remember them all then I start to subscribe.
My problem is I don't subscribe to them because I love them, weird much?
I just like the excitement of searching them up and when it finish loading I can know if they uploaded a new video.
So like, if they have a new video it's like a little surprise to myself and if they don't I'll be really sad and disappointed.
Am I weird? lol

Lately, I've been subscribing to workout channels and people and loving them.
I am not a fan of (and I mean absolutely HATE) boring same old workout routine. I just stop working out after awhile doing the same thing over and over again, since I'm bored the hell out of it.
I don't know how other people do it. I mean, how do you not get bored seeing the same scene over and over again after looking at them for months (or even years) ever since you start running there at the same spot(that is specifically for my dad lol)? even gym! It just doesn't work for me.
In fact, it is NOT good, I repeat, NOT GOOD, to repeat the same workout routine for too long(they say more than a month or two), according to my research.You have to switch up your workout once in a while so that your body is not used to the same thing and the efficiency will decrease.
You know, just like some medicine, your body develop resistance to it and you have to consume more.
Oh and that's one of the reason why I absolutely hate medicines(the other reason is just because they taste bad lol).
So I love these workout channels cause they actually give me a different workout everyday so I can keep them until they ran out of ideas, yay!
Well, obviously I repeat the ones I like until I'm bored of them and then I go for a new search. They have hundreds of videos I don't have to worry about it.
Absolutely loving it!!


hello abs in.....I'm too pussy to commit a date but I'll just say... 3 months or less lol