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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Just my life lately back in Malaysia
that is keeping me busy and running all over the place.

Let's just see what can i find in my picture folder and give people some idea about what am i working on ;)

 i went to Tzu Chi camp. For my mummy.
I don't know why but somehow, i don't really enjoy it
not like hating it but just not loving it.
these people are cute and funny
but it just doesn't keep me up.

 love to see her, my cute pal hehe
i miss you dude, thanks for accompanying me after he left hehe oh hell no you're not just a spare tire!

oh my cute little nephew!!! Eugene b, i miss this kido so much!! He grew so much and got cuter, and obviously, don't remember me. sigh.

I always love you granny, with all my heart ♥
how do you like my man? hehe
I like how you nodded when I ask, "can i marry him?"

i'm just so cool that i can not notice at all lol
yup I wore that outside for 5 second until sis look at me and goes, you sure?
and I'm like yea...? i guess? what? oh!!!! no I'm not. LOL

nice to meet you hehe more babies omg
big one is xuan xuan and small one is han han.
Is it because I LOOK very young that's why all the kids love me? lol
they both loveee me ^^

long time no see my cutie pie!!! it was so nice seeing you ^^
I was so touched again by how she never forget about me.
do you know how much i love you?
just like my own kid, it hurts to see you get hurt ><
get well soon while mummy is here♥

this is what i'm gonna be working with, for the rest 3 months.

that's all i guess, hope i'm not repeating anything.
you know how old people forget stuff so easily hehe

Saturday, August 20, 2011

see you soon!

he left, uncountable moodiness i wanted my favorite mak mak to see my beloved boyfriend, (currently known as future husband lolol) but we literally don't have time. We always sleep so late and end up couldn't wake up early and end up not have much time in the day. Then we have to go to Penang, really don't have time. Or i would have let mak mak see him, my beloved mak mak ^^
Most of my dear family members saw him already other than 2 ge  and aunts. I'm glad he feels like part of the family already hehe yup boy, you will need to get used to this kkk too early to say this but i don't care, i made up my mind for this sec that he's mine, and he will forever be. AWEEEEE

just some pictures to recharge myself after he's gone ><

first time flying together~~~ hehe

sleeping b??

hehe he actually know how to act cute with me, don't get surprised XD

he might look cool, but he's not at all, he's always this cute when he's with me hehe

looks like he thinks i'm freaking childish but he did those above later with me lolol

내보보씨~ 내남자~
not so much of a photogenic person but I love haha

it's really nice to have him with me, living with him, you just wouldn't get enough.

hey, i miss you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Taiwan amazingness

it has been a long time... i know
but my boy is here and i have to accompany him since we only have couple of days after a whole month of not seeing him and then it's gonna be another 2 separating months again over the pacific ocean and i will not let myself waste this precious little time.

But here I'm back! with pictures!
not much but i'll post a little hehe
it's only a 3 days taiwan trip what do you expect lol

they pick me up at the airport when i arrived.

on the 4km cable car lol a cable car that can turn directions O.O call me a jungle man but i was incredibly impressed, yes.

i was trying to show the really really nice view with my face in it, failed...

one side of taiwan, on top of the 101 of course hehe

the other side...

and the other side... you can see how organized their roads are, impressed, again.

i can't remember what is it at all...but apparently somewhere awesome lol

my cute dad, he's just that cute when he's in the mood, i love him anyhow anyway anytime ^^

my mummy, not knowing that this is a very quick camera, not prepared lol honestly, i still think you're hot hehe <3 p="p">

the two white strips is the famous bridge in taiwan, which i can't remember the name -.- well, it's a reminiscence of one of the war taiwan used to fought...i know i'm very informative

the clouds, the mountains and the building together makes a perfect picture.

they explain to us about each view with this phone-like thingy ( you can't call it a walkie-talkie cause i don't think it work like that). every tourist has one XD obviously, i'm one of them hehe
no human needed (no need to pay them lol)
no risk of human memory that might missed some important info
no risk of boring human explanation to their precious customer
everything solved!

they looked like lego from here LOL

it's actually pretty scary for a height-phobia person like me, but it's too beautiful i have to bear the fear to take this awesome picture with taiwan ^^

this is a ball, that is very very heavy and HUGE, to balance the building, prevent it from falling over from wind or earthquake or stuff like that. As everyone know, taiwan is a very windy place and earthquake always occurs. humans are just sooo intelligent <3 p="p">

my bro and his wife -.- showing off huh??

this is the elevator we took, it's simply cool, especially when you're in there, you can literally feel it O.O
not the comfy-iest elevator.

my handsome bros, anticipating for food hehe do i need to spell it out for you, obviously it taste goooood~

taiwan is undeniable a very fun place, if it's not sooo busy and crowded. but it doesn't make any difference, you enjoy it, when you're with you're loving family, well i do ^^