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Sunday, January 9, 2011


so grateful about the fact that Yong kor is going to RT
so proud about him
he is willing to spend that amount of money
i sincerely hope the reason is daddy and mummy
i know it wouldn't be me
cause i never was a good example
but it's not what i care
i'm not the kind of people you adults could understand lol

in fact, if anyone would ask
i will tell you RT is the best

bao said i'm bubbly
i'm not like this because i'm too blissful
i am because i know i AM blissful
RT that helped me went through lots of parts of my life
when i cried whole night thinking about what to do
one thing from it lighten me
that's why every time i read people's article i break down into tears
cause it's too touching
how everyone is getting better
that's why whenever i look through my notes goosebumps came alive
and i feel peaceful
cause it calms me
letting me know there will always be a way

mum and dad change so much
that i could say it wasn't like what anyone could imagine
cause the kid themselves will be the only one that knows best
i wouldn't be in a life like this if none of us went to RT
i wouldn't be such a crier if i hadn't been to RT
cause it hurts me so much
looking at people
and knowing they are going to rot like an apple
especially when i understand better after going to RT
about how messed up they are
and how i didn't help out in time
it hurts looking at myself
knowing what a pile of bullshit i am
but i'm still not doing anything
it drives me crazy
and it touches me
looking at people
knowing what changes they've been through
knowing how hard it is
knowing the effort
it moves me

one thing RT did to me
is taught me to accept the fact
that i'm messed up
that i need help
that what my mum and dad said about me is true
to think straight
to not seek excuse
at least not to myself
never lie to myself cause that's pathetic
and that blindfold me
and i'll be screwed
and I know how to seek for motivation and help
like i know i need to

it's what makes me lucky
and makes my life so good
so blissful that i'm sure the world will be jealous
the fact is i'm only this blissful
because i know i am
i can tell you so many things about my life
that is ungrateful and bad
but i can tell you none of them makes me not blissful
because i don't think so
i don't want it to be so
simple as that.

it's such a great day isn't it?
so many good things just happen
i went shopping today
and it happen to be the greatest sale in Stiches
damn everything under $10
why would i care if there isn't my size?
i will just buy a size 3 and go on diet
i am not kidding
i bought like 4 pairs of jeans
and a pair of heels
and scarfs and 2 shirts
all for only under $65
tell me you CAN resist, come on, SAVE IT!!
i bought all these size 3 jeans which i know i can't fit
but i'm not kidding i'm working my ass off
i don't care from now on
i'm starting my hardcore work out

my new goal
size 3!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

You You You

진짜 너무 너무 고맙고 너무 사랑한다><
너무 예뻤어 ㅋㅋㅋ
나의 재일 친한 친구 ^^
내 제1위 가장 훌륭한 자매 ㅋㅋㅋ

No Hye Jin ah~
Jinjja nuh mu nuh mu go mab go nuh mu saranghanda ><
nuh mu yehbbuhssuh kkk
na ye jae il chin han chingu ^^
nae jae ili ga jang hoollyoonghan jamae kkk

will keep your letter for me
and make something even better i promise :)

sorry for my broken korean lol
wanted to write it korean
but figured lazy as you will so prefer reading it in romanized version lol
so i just romanize it for you too
just in case lol
didn't even try to fix it with my oppa/sun saeng nim
so that it's broken enough to look funny
and you can make fun of me and made your day lol
how nice of me ><

LYAO already? =]

thanks for being so great
you always happen to give me the best thing at the very right time
like those slippers
probably from your sis
but you hobo really wanted to give me a present
so end up giving it to me
coincidentally, you happen to insist me to open it only when i reach home lol
whatever is it
it's so perfect as i got my house bout 2 days later i got your presents
and it happens to have no carpet lol
see! how did you know that?!!
like i'm sure you don't
but it just happen like this lol
how sweet of you

no matter how hobo-ish you are
i still love you :)
cause you just happen to be sweet and understanding
we drive each other crazy all the time
and we sometimes...fine...always actually
do stuff we know for the fact that each other don't like it
but too good as us
we know we wouldn't mind already as well

piss you OFF now first
make you happy later
i'm sure you remember about all those times
when us got actually soooo angry
but at most 2 days later we always talk it out
that's the kind of friend some people could just dream of their whole life
but lucky me, i have you :)

someone i could never worry about pissing off
someone i could never worry about telling stuff too(apparently cause i trust u!)
someone i could never worry about relying on
someone i could never worry about yelling at for no reason
that's you!
don't need a reason to do whatever to you
to take whatever from you
i will always need to know everything about you
not for any reason
just because i could be there when you need me

the fact is you are never worry about asking things from me
asking help from me
telling stuff about other people to me
doing things for me
or using things of mine
even without asking me
cause you know i will never mind
because it's you, only

too much alike
too much understanding
too much coincident
too much creepy stuff
too weird and crazy
that's you, and me.
that's what make it last =]

the best promise i could make is that
i will always chose you over whatever boys

you know how great this is okay?!
as you know what a boy freak we are ^.*

hope this is not too corny lol but I lovee you ^^

omg see how skinny you are?!

you are only pretty when u take pictures with me! lol

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


my cutie nieces
and newborn Chloe
welcome to the world
just happen to love you alot

remember your smile to me
at the very first time we met
your first week to the world
the very first time i held you
you already smile to me
just happen to love you alot

well i love everyone of them
no jokely
especially when they all just happen to like me so much

the newborn Chloe
napping as much as she could

awake lol
so cute when she just keep staring

she is so tiny i know
just slightly more than a month only
fragile and CUTE!!

my larissa B
the intelligent but naughty one

has the biggest eyes ever
and longest eyelashes
doubt that your chinese lol

not even her birthday
she thought it is
that cake is just desert for the dinner that night
which is for my parents the Malaysian lol

i messed it up lol

i messed it up,again
i took a sip before i remember to take a picture
so depressing

end with a cup of green tea i got in Farmer's market
one of my favourite market
to be honest
it's just because it's full of food XD

Monday, January 3, 2011

Family to Banff!

well this are just pictures we took in Banff
mostly me lol
and family of course
then is alot of food pictures
trust me
although they're not from a super good restaurant
but it's cooked by 2cek
which used to be a cook
it still rocks our every meal lol

my dad acting cute lol

we encounter deer here all the time
but this close, never
so we are consider lucky
cause she was just standing RIGHT THERE
so close that everyone was surprise
she wasn't even scared and wouldn't run away
we're impressed
we actually even encounter a baby wolf
but he ran away
we don't have time to take any pictures
that's consider freaking lucky
no pictures taken
but image stored in brain
good enough
it's apparently not common to encounter wild wolf on the street
and they are adorable
cannot believe how they are actually predators.
thanks for showing up =]

before my dad act cute lol
dad discovered me taking pictures

those who loves japanese food will know
this is what we call satisfying xP

best creamy soup in winter
even watching it makes me hungry ><

pork i think?
damn nice
it's seared and then baked
then the sauce cooked differently
put together becomes purrfecct

beef casserole with bitter gourd
i love bitter gourd so i love this lol
especially when the meat itself is tender
makes the dish great

my dua pek
my dad's type~

crazily cute and funny lol
love acting cute
but i love them <3 p="p">

i took some pictures before we bought our house(which I will not show here, cause it's just me lol)
which is now officially ours

it's so weird cause I did not take any pictures of any other houses
just this one
and it miracly eventually become ours
soon i'll be staying in it

i cannot tell you how excited I am.

bye devil, I will miss you.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011 XD

a whole new year :)
wish me luck on everything
wish myself could be a better person
hope i could get rid of all my bad habits in the new year
i so should and so could :)

had some issue on the new years eve
but it all went well
and atlas my mood got so much better
so i basically came in to the new year with a really great mood
so hope that won't jinx my new year *fingers crossed*
anyway we didn't do much other than talk
and wii-ing party game

so this post will just be some pictures of previous event
i won't deny about the fact that i'm a freaking cam-whore lol

not just fried rice kay?!
I think this is quinoa salad....I'm not sure but.. ya.
but it's western i know lol
expensive stuff ><

salmon apparently
my favourite lol

err, i don't even know the name
but i know it's some melon and sauce mix together
some kind of salad lol

again don't know the name
some kind of prosciutto wrap or whatever. you know.
whatever but it seriously taste damn good

it's... mini tart
but special ones
they also have some that has mushrooms in there.
taste damn good too
(what doesn't taste good to me really)

these are basically some food on Joe kor's birthday party
the host is Yuin jie
and she usually cook western food
i don't really bother
I just enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies LOL

after the party =]

cousins brought me to this bar&restaurant
saying i'm now 18
should be able to go in lol
and that i can have pina colada mocktail lol
okay, sure -.-

my flower from Ken kor
which i appreciate so much
flowers just mean something else on a 18th birthday.
at least to me.
I never liked to accept flowers but this one is different.

my four birthday cakes lolol

they say i'm now legal to drink LOL
so my first legal wine XD
ignore the blurriness of my phone, I'm probably drunk lol