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Thursday, April 21, 2011

all about Band tour~

so there is tooo much so i didnt post all
but anyway
here we go

bought this as soon as I saw it
all time favourite and love of my life
how do I resist it? ♥

there we are
all trying to act weird
larissa end up hiding between the chair like a creeper LOL

my sister, yes
don't we look like twins LOL
both have obesity problems -.-

at the theatre to listen Rain concert
The Beatles tribute
it' is one great concert
like even though it's not the real Beatles
they did a pretty good job
I'm not a Beatles crazy fan
but i love it!

Hard Rock Cafe menu
simply a burger taste soo good
maybe it's just because i already like the environment
and then I just mentally synchronize haa

the only Asian i've seen so far
great cause i absolutely like him
YAY! i stepped on Jackie Chan!
doesn't sound really good
but i actually did! LOL
it's cause I respect you, Mr. Chan lol

OMG i LOVEEE churros
they are sooo good
i can literally have 5 of them at a time
and just have these for all 3 meals lol

outside the washroom in ESPN zone
it's where people go there to watch a game
they will sit on couches
and there is this huge see through glasses so that they can see the game
in a comfy and quiet area
even though I doubt it will be quiet when there is a game lol
you can have drinks and food while watching the came
I'm talking about wine and steak, not pops or corndogs
plus you don't have to stay in the crowd
yeap the washroom for this place is beautiful as well
(it's not just my holiday mood!)

this is where Transformer is shot
that scene where they have the street fight
if anyone remember
it is is shot here
how? how do you do that? lol

the wall of a rose fountain
it is made out of broken ceramic pieces
it's not broken -.- it's the design
initially the ceramic pieces comes in a whole
then they break it on the spot
and then they start sticking it onto the wall
and make it into this fountain
it is obviously very cool
I mean how do you even come up with that? lol (creativity = 0 = me)
there is only like 4 (not very sure) out of 100 something piece is of ceramic is coloured
and then they spread them at different places
and here is one of the pieces

the bald tree or something like that lol

we will not missed the Walt Disney Concert Hall
the theme is the sea, I think
so it looks like boat in some spots
while the organ pipes looks like shark teeth
and fries at the same time LOL

hey Band people

the fries + shark teeth

the other less-awesome music concert Hall right across the street, oops.

at the airport with Leah
end up being my roommate as well

airport with Natalie

and that's it
it's a freaking fun trip
best school trip ever
i'm simply lucky. ^^

Saturday, April 16, 2011


third day was still awesome even though it's the last day
it was shopping time in the morning
which is obviously all the girls favourite
and i think in this case, all the guys as well
it was suppose to be homework time
but everyone cares more about souvenirs shopping other than homework
so complaints are made
and in Canada we support human rights LOL
and so we got what we want
we get to shop till our wallet drop
i'm seriously broke because of this T.T

then i get to sleep on the bus since the Disney Festival is kinda far
it feels great being able to sleep so much
and all you need to do when you open your eyes is sing
how could life be any better
no school
play, sing, play, sing
it's like the best days i've ever had
my job is only to sing
how could i not love this?

today wasn't busy at ALL
since it's the last day
we just need to go to that Music Festival thingy
then go to the dinner show
it's a awesome experience

the Dinner show is something like a show
that serves dinner
like living back in the monarchs time
and we are all the nobles
coming from all around the world
gathered in this one land to bond with this whoever king
and we are treated as prince and princesses for sure
just that we don't have utensils back then
we have to eat with our hands
isn't that cool?
it's freaking awesome

then there is like shows in front of us while we are eating
meat are served
BIG PIECE of meat i mean
and not very humane show
but not too inhuman
just for an animal freak like me
that looks painful ><

whatever it is
we then head back to the hotel for a good night sleep
as tomorrow is time to head BACK
i'm very excited to see..everyone LOL
but the thing is
i don't wanna see those disgusting white-ness ><
it's ridiculous how Calgary could STILL be snowing in mid April.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


This Is Fun!!!!
California is so nice ><
the weather is nice
those buildings we went is nice
the Walt Disney Concert Hall is nice
everything is nice!!!
(what is not nice when you travel -.-)
i think it's the heat
that makes everything nice

went to Disneyland
the Band people did workshop today while we are gonna do it tomorrow
and then we did rides
there is so many people there
like holy wow it's not even holidays
we couldn't go on much ride cause of the short of time
but still it's fun
there isn't any exciting rides at all
cause we were at the kids section T.T
and all the rides we go on
cannot be too risky
it's in the policy cause we are still "too young" and totally need overprotection
so i thought it was gonna be bored
but it ended up being totally okay
as the animation tech they did
is freaking awesome
Johnny Depp looks freaking real in that ride
i couldn't believe it was fake

although the rides are somehow bored
but think about it
no matter how bored it is
its better than going to school *eww*
it's the happiest place on earth
where happily ever after happens everyday
what else do you want?
i couldn't ask for more
especially it's not just today
we are still coming here tomorrow for workshop
and then we are going to Hollywood tomorrow
it's gonna be freaking awesome tomorrow
let's not be so greedy for today

in fact i still did had fun today
we sneaked on the tower of terror
cause we aren't suppose to go on there
in fact, i didn't know
i swear i didn't know
i only found out after that
and it was freaking awesome
not even kidding
being able to scream my lungs out
hell it makes my day lolol

the california park is actually pretty cool
with like a dance floor in it
and this cool ride
it was a satisfying night

i bought my bitches something
and my babe something
i dont care if you like it
you're just gonna have to use it LOL
i love you guys <3 p="p">anyway,
hey hollywood

Friday, April 8, 2011

기역하고싶은 순간

아마 너 때메?
이번 진짜이다
난 알아

무서워 근대
니 고모 고모부랑 날 생각 어때?
i just hope it's good
i want everything about us to be good

it was so awkward ><
i was moved when you said "sorry i wasn't beside you"
it's the fact that you noticed you need to be beside me
when i didn't even know
and you held me in front of your aunt
and you let her know i'm your girlfriend
every little things you did moved me
despite the fact that you have dated (like any other normal 20 year old men would)
which makes me wonder sometimes(cause I'm a big pile of jealousy ball)
as i don't know should i be happy you know what to do well to your girl lololol
im happy though
thanks pup <3 br="br"> i love your dogs seriously
can i have them?
i can exchange your freedom with it lol
just kidding
you know i like to tease you lol
cause your my favourite person
ok, that doesnt make you feel better i know that
i don't care
cause i'm having too much fun lol