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Thursday, December 29, 2011

i'm 19

sigh baby boy, you're making me a very depending person ><
Giving me all these memories and happiness, spoiling me like a little one. I don't know how to live alone already. I'm only 19, this is definitely not good.

I had so much fun just making him something, like i don't even expect him to love it or anything but making something FOR him is what makes me going. He could hate it, not like it or whatever, it doesn't bother me, as long as there is him for me to work for, I'm satisfied. That's how easy I get myself smiling. It's easy but it's not at the same time, cause if there isn't him, I guess I can't be happy anymore?I don't know but sometimes, it gets me worry.

Anyway, just wanna have a special post about this because he made it special. ><

bought him this cause expect him to come over alot so I wanna keep him warm! hehe Basement is cold ><

 Hehe my rabbit teeth dear and me <3 birthday="birthday" my="my" on="on" p="p">

 He wanted to surprised me by putting it in his towel and ask me to bring his towel to him, expecting me to find it but I end up bringing my towel and he was like NO i need mine please lol so I was omg troublesomeee, then found the necklace haha

 I made 21 of these on his birthday since it's his 21st birthday hehe He is officially an adult and can marry now!! lol But yeah, it wasn't pretty at all ( I tried to present it prettier but he ruin it ), but because his birthday was so special no store is open I can't make anything special but this >< Sorry. Even though I did said birthdays are nothing special, it's our first so let's just make it memorable hehe

 gingerbread cake, OMG SO GOOD!!! that dinner's desert. Unforgettable is the word.

 Hi baby <3 p="p">

 He knows my favourite brand and he knows I love simple. He knows. that's all that counts.

the process of mini cakes hehe

So what's so sad about lonely Christmas and birthdays? not the usual family-around-me birthday sigh.
But, at least I have him and myself :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

surprise tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day I head to Winnipeg.
Dang I'm....excited? I don't know.
Everyone is keep telling me how bad is the place, how careful I need to be, how boring is it, etc etc. Okay guys, I get it, thanks for wishes =.=

All my stuff packed, no more fights, everything seems like ready to go, but no, I DON'T GET TO BRING MY POOH!!!! omg I'm honestly so damn freaking sad, like I literally wanna cry. I spent $30 on him, and it's my favourite stuffy ever, my fluffy pooh bear it is.
Just because of pooh bear, I've made up my mind to sneak back to Calgary February, to bring it over lol I cannot afford to lose it, and I really hate sleeping alone without anything to hold on to. Especially when daddy want's me to try living in residence, as I will, but not without my pooh T.T
I believe it will be fun but it just wasn't my plan!
I want my bear there >< And my mum wants to give it to Larissa!? NO!
like don't even think about it!!
I'll literally kill someone even if she dirties my Pooh, like she drooling all over it you know, NO!!

I have no idea how to do the surprise as I have no phones, no nothing. Sigh. But well, things will work out. I will find a way eventually.
Just getting to know how busy we will get >< I have to go to school, go find me a place to stay, move around, get to know the city, work on surprises. You know, bunch of work, so have a good sleep to myself ^^