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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1st night in Cancun, Mexico!

 I don't know how but I did took so many freaking pictures just upon arrival. You'll just have to see. enjoy!

Bye darling. see you soon. he sending me off.
have to give him a smile and hope that he will do okay without me.

 Hi airport, boarding with ma lovely fam.

 finally seeing my mummy, i missed you so much.

 arriving at Chicago airport.

 That's my flight?

 Lunch at the airport, dad needs his noodles, he can't deal with white food too much lol

 As well as dear uncle, my 2 tio, white food nono, you'll see.

 finally arrived!!

The guy who pick us up gave us pink rose.

Lobby selfie, I have to.

 While everyone is busy checking in.

 After dinner walk on the beach.

 Everyone is loving this already!

What I wore onto the plane, comfy is the key. Oversized studded top and leggings from Milktee and Nike runners that Pecan bought me.

 The washroom sink in my room, love the huge counter to put all my junks for the coming week.

Tiny shower and bath area, but really who is gonna use the bath, I'll rather go soak myself in the beach right? xD
 The king sized single bed, for mummy and me.

 Big side mirror for checking myself out before I go to sleep, so that I sleep prettily...?

 Take out my baby Poh, my bed company for the week.

 Halo TV and feet.

 Nightview from my room balcony!

 Alright all ready to go to bed!



Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Let's talk Spring!
This time not about food(surprise!!!)! I am in love with the spring trend right now.
I finally get to wear my ballet flats and shorts and head off. Unlike winter, I have to wear like tank top, t-shirts, an outerwear, and then jacket, scarves, gloves, sometimes double layer, you know the drill, it's just never ending work, especially on the coldest days.
I'm more than happy even though spring always come late in Canada and some of them even say Canada basically doesn't have spring. For Canadians, we HAVE spring, 10 degrees is spring and we rock our shorts and tank tops and head out.

I specially like the mint colour trend this spring. Mint has become my favourite colour since even before spring.



Mint-coloured anything is a no-kidding trend right now, it looks good and feels summery.

I'm usually afraid of light-coloured pants since I'm not the skinniest person in the world and wearing light-coloured pants makes me look fatter. But I love the colour so much that I decided not to sacrifice my love for them.


Any pieces with a hint of the colour mint attracts me. And colourful pieces like this makes it even more summery but doesn't yell body shape since it's loose-fit.

It's summer, you can't hide in darkness anymore!


Everything from Milktee.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Or you can call it healthy brownies!
It was suppose to be blondie but it is clearly orange to me.
After the devilish cake in a skillet, I still crave for dessert all the time so I can't help but to make some. I avoided the unhealthy choices of chocolate brownies though and instead make it with amazing ingredient to make healthy Orangies!

These are brownies make with pumpkin puree and oat flour!

 It's not really orange, it's actually pumpkin puree. This is the end of the baking and I decide to make some pumpkin frosting to go on top of it. Made with pumpkin puree, some cream cheese, and little tiny bit of powdered sugar. It was really smart of me, sure.

I spread it as evenly as I can and let it sit and rest for about 1 hour. I only need 20 minutes, I just got lazy, like usual. Atlas the frosting harden, or dry out, however you like to call it, and creates a soft layer on top of it.

I also sprinkle raw sugar on it after spreading the frosting. They say it gives a nice crunch but I don't know. I just want to give it a try and it was okay since my orangie wasn't too sweet. The crunch is so little but that's because I try to put less to decrease my sugar intake. After all this is suppose to be a healthier dessert.

I just couldn't get the frosting absolutely smooth so maybe someone can tell me.

I wish you can see how dense it is and that makes it not crumbly at all and so pumpkin-y.

If you love pumpkin, you WILL like this and because it has the "healthy" label, you WILL end up eating the whole thing and it will become unhealthy again. sigh.
Guess who did that?