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Thursday, November 28, 2013

DailyLook StyleSet Competition

I was not like super into the competition, I was more having fun dressing up. It's almost like playing barbie as a little girl except you don't have real person and real things to work with.
I just wanted to know what can I come up with and I'm pretty impressed by myself!! lol
I don't think I'm half as good as other people that is participating but I like the fact that I can try out things I would never thought of or put on or buy and get super excited when it turns out pretty good.

My first try!

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And then my second try!

Can you see how much fun I'm having?

What's a better chance than now to start layering and put as much clothing as you could on you to keep yourself warm WHILE looking chic?

To be honest there is alot of things on there that I will never put on but you gotta see what you can do with things you don't believe! I don't know about others but I think I gave a pretty good try ;)

Now I just make myself wanna go shopping.
Dang it.


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