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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

first day of school

it's a whole new sem
and I have whole new stuff to learn
I think I'm ready lol
I better be.

my social teacher seems pretty nice
i like him
but i don't like how i'm the one and only Asian girl in class
in both Psyc and Social class
what is this?!
hi Asians, thanks for ditching Sherine the Asian

moving out soon
i so can't wait
mummy staying with me
i'm actually so happy
and so excited about it
everything will be so nice then
no more annoyed
no more running away
and mummy is here to help me
isn't that great?

daddy is so romantic too
i don't know where he got that idea
but he is trying to give mum a surprise
and i'm like almost balling
from surprise and happiness lol
NEVER in my life had ever seen dad doing this
it's simply so cute
i love my daddy so much hah

it's Chinese New Year
i'm so excited
i'm gonna make everyone kimbap
although it's not gonna be super good
but I don't have a choice sigh.

good luck to me!!
I need loads of them.

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