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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Got my new laptop today!!

Dear lappy,
you are not allow to drink or eat.
and I promise I'll take care of you well^^
okay, now since it's your birthday, let's celebrate XD
Love, from your amazing owner

isn't that the best thing ever?
although i'm sick
so sick that i don't even wanna move
(not just to school you idiots!)
but everywhere else
even going upstairs is too much work for me
mum wants me to go see the doctor
but seriously
why would i do that on a non-school day

Bao, my super nice boss
even let me have 2 days off
i so appreciate that
cause he is sick too
he is gay sometimes
but most times, he is just the best boss ever

soon it will be valentine's
another single valentine
Singles is loved!!!

my daddy is the bomb of this Valentine's lol
he decided to give mum a surprise
not some stupid oven but an ipad
considering she could use one during her flight
and boring life here
that's just so cute!!
yes, that's my dad
so proud of him! haha

now, let's hope I get well soon.

loving my lappy ^^

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