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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

cool day

i basically just got into an car accident
like legit car accident
i'm so cool i know
in this weather
a car accident just top everything

we basically slide down the hill and ran into someone
i felt so bad as they were sooo nice
rich white people looking at 3 innocent underage girls(but legal drivers!)
but at the same time we can't let them call the insurance company
or both insurance is going to go up

not just i'm cool
the weather is so cool too
i can't even feel my toes
like what kind of weather is this?!
it's spring man
what kind of spring have like negative degrees T.T

accidents in cold winter
not fun.
accidents with seatbelts
protected your life but
not fun neither. it hurts.

i think I'm still shaking. sigh.
i need to go out now
i need to go calm myself

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