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Friday, April 8, 2011

기역하고싶은 순간

아마 너 때메?
이번 진짜이다
난 알아

무서워 근대
니 고모 고모부랑 날 생각 어때?
i just hope it's good
i want everything about us to be good

it was so awkward ><
i was moved when you said "sorry i wasn't beside you"
it's the fact that you noticed you need to be beside me
when i didn't even know
and you held me in front of your aunt
and you let her know i'm your girlfriend
every little things you did moved me
despite the fact that you have dated (like any other normal 20 year old men would)
which makes me wonder sometimes(cause I'm a big pile of jealousy ball)
as i don't know should i be happy you know what to do well to your girl lololol
im happy though
thanks pup <3 br="br"> i love your dogs seriously
can i have them?
i can exchange your freedom with it lol
just kidding
you know i like to tease you lol
cause your my favourite person
ok, that doesnt make you feel better i know that
i don't care
cause i'm having too much fun lol

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