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Saturday, August 20, 2011

see you soon!

he left, uncountable moodiness i wanted my favorite mak mak to see my beloved boyfriend, (currently known as future husband lolol) but we literally don't have time. We always sleep so late and end up couldn't wake up early and end up not have much time in the day. Then we have to go to Penang, really don't have time. Or i would have let mak mak see him, my beloved mak mak ^^
Most of my dear family members saw him already other than 2 ge  and aunts. I'm glad he feels like part of the family already hehe yup boy, you will need to get used to this kkk too early to say this but i don't care, i made up my mind for this sec that he's mine, and he will forever be. AWEEEEE

just some pictures to recharge myself after he's gone ><

first time flying together~~~ hehe

sleeping b??

hehe he actually know how to act cute with me, don't get surprised XD

he might look cool, but he's not at all, he's always this cute when he's with me hehe

looks like he thinks i'm freaking childish but he did those above later with me lolol

내보보씨~ 내남자~
not so much of a photogenic person but I love haha

it's really nice to have him with me, living with him, you just wouldn't get enough.

hey, i miss you.

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