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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Just my life lately back in Malaysia
that is keeping me busy and running all over the place.

Let's just see what can i find in my picture folder and give people some idea about what am i working on ;)

 i went to Tzu Chi camp. For my mummy.
I don't know why but somehow, i don't really enjoy it
not like hating it but just not loving it.
these people are cute and funny
but it just doesn't keep me up.

 love to see her, my cute pal hehe
i miss you dude, thanks for accompanying me after he left hehe oh hell no you're not just a spare tire!

oh my cute little nephew!!! Eugene b, i miss this kido so much!! He grew so much and got cuter, and obviously, don't remember me. sigh.

I always love you granny, with all my heart ♥
how do you like my man? hehe
I like how you nodded when I ask, "can i marry him?"

i'm just so cool that i can not notice at all lol
yup I wore that outside for 5 second until sis look at me and goes, you sure?
and I'm like yea...? i guess? what? oh!!!! no I'm not. LOL

nice to meet you hehe more babies omg
big one is xuan xuan and small one is han han.
Is it because I LOOK very young that's why all the kids love me? lol
they both loveee me ^^

long time no see my cutie pie!!! it was so nice seeing you ^^
I was so touched again by how she never forget about me.
do you know how much i love you?
just like my own kid, it hurts to see you get hurt ><
get well soon while mummy is here♥

this is what i'm gonna be working with, for the rest 3 months.

that's all i guess, hope i'm not repeating anything.
you know how old people forget stuff so easily hehe

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