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Friday, December 9, 2011

surprise tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day I head to Winnipeg.
Dang I'm....excited? I don't know.
Everyone is keep telling me how bad is the place, how careful I need to be, how boring is it, etc etc. Okay guys, I get it, thanks for wishes =.=

All my stuff packed, no more fights, everything seems like ready to go, but no, I DON'T GET TO BRING MY POOH!!!! omg I'm honestly so damn freaking sad, like I literally wanna cry. I spent $30 on him, and it's my favourite stuffy ever, my fluffy pooh bear it is.
Just because of pooh bear, I've made up my mind to sneak back to Calgary February, to bring it over lol I cannot afford to lose it, and I really hate sleeping alone without anything to hold on to. Especially when daddy want's me to try living in residence, as I will, but not without my pooh T.T
I believe it will be fun but it just wasn't my plan!
I want my bear there >< And my mum wants to give it to Larissa!? NO!
like don't even think about it!!
I'll literally kill someone even if she dirties my Pooh, like she drooling all over it you know, NO!!

I have no idea how to do the surprise as I have no phones, no nothing. Sigh. But well, things will work out. I will find a way eventually.
Just getting to know how busy we will get >< I have to go to school, go find me a place to stay, move around, get to know the city, work on surprises. You know, bunch of work, so have a good sleep to myself ^^

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