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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy CNY 2013!

It's Lunar New Years!!
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!!
Are you satisfied with you red packets/angpau?
Are you happily wearing all the new clothes you bought for the new year?
As much as a foodie I am, what I miss most about CNY back home have to be the Malaysian Chinese New Year delicacies. But it's all good, I made my own special food and share it with boyfie and we went out for Asian food, etc etc. I'm still enjoying it pretty well, anyone who knows me know I am really good at entertaining myself XD

It's the snake year.
Hopefully the Chinese New Year Luck God and/or Snake God will take good care of my family, his family, me and everyone else in the coming year.

Dear god, please grant the wishes of nice,kind people and never listen to a word what bad people have to say, thank you very much.

Here I wish everyone good health and happiness!!

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