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Monday, February 4, 2013


Why do I feel like I talk food more than anything? Maybe because I do.

Alright. I want to talk about other stuff too but it's not new years yet! I cannot and should not touch all the new amazing stuff I bought. Traditions forbidden me to! You have to have something new at least on the lunar new years day so, bear with me. Please, Sherine, don't touch them, 조금만 참아!!

I'm trying not to eat on my very best cause I need to diet, but seriously, why did I allow him to buy those snacks? Those will kill me, no, more like they ARE killing me. I'm talking about chips, those evil potato head.

Despite having all these food in the house I was able to push myself to go make more snacks. yay to the fatty pants. It's good for you...okay it's probably not.
It's very delicious, and delicious must be good, right?

"Delicious food heals your sad soul." - Some unknown awesome human being(like me)

You know prevents is better than healing, so I'm just..preventing.

It's pile of awesomeness that I couldn't stop myself from thinking.
It's also extremely easy that I could just even make it in the middle of the night and eat it, in 20 minutes, from making to finish eating! (Obesity alert!!)

I'm sorry if it look extremely ugly LOL but ya, you know what I mean, kay, don't judge me!
I realized I forgot to mention how awesome those yellowy powder is, it's roasted soybean powder. I don't know about you but it already sounded delicious the first time I hear it, and it did not disappoint me, at all. It's what makes this absolutely addicting. Don't try it, you are warned!
You are allow to think it's just me who gets addicted to all kind of food. yes.

Now I know you're a nice person. Please tell me all these bad things about me like how obesity and unhealthy I'm getting, and how I need to get fit(like my brother), go ahead. Scratch my pride so that I get hurt badly and so that I can stop eating. Please, I beg you, and thank you.

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