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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2nd day Cancun!

Breakfast is always buffet, you can call room service but my familuvs likes eating together so we always get up early and meet up for the buffet. I really wanted to try breakfast in bed though..... Nope, no being a lazy bum heads when on an all-inclusive trip with mum.

 Good morning!

 Maybe my face?

 Hello dear aunt, 5 ku said she wants to take a picture with the pretty girl...*cough cough

 After breakfast we went for a walk around the hotel main pool...

 To wait for lunch time to come....

 Lunch time!! Today's lunch we decide not to go for the buffet, seafood is a must for the first day.

 5 gu likes her appetizer.

Look at the size how is this appetizer?! She said she is pretty much full after this.
5 gu is a pretty petite little lady.

This is my appetizer, fried HUGE Shrimp with a nice dipping sauce. As I'm reminded, I feel like I need it now!

The soup taste like really flavorful Malaysian Har Mee noodles soup without the noodles and with more seafood and stuff. I think it's because it is too, made out of shrimp stock or just seafood stock in general...maybe something even more classier like lobster shell... yum...

"Food taste better when you think of them more expensively." - Someone smart and Asian *cough cough

Oh, we have bread and tortilla chips while waiting for the food to get here. Maybe it's the holiday mood but everything taste better here, even just simple bread.

 Can't decide, everything looks good!

 Maybe this, maybe that... the view behind my beautiful mummy! I mean you can really see but you see that different shades of blue, that is the ocean....U see why I pick this seat...XD

I never order before other people, so that I can wait till everyone get what they have and I just go with whatever they didn't order. So that I can try a little bit of everything!

 I had to tie everything up it's too hot out there.

And show some of my sexy tummy fat. 

 Then we went to the second pool side of the hotel.

All the daybed has been taken, you have to come "book" your seat early in the morning or you most probably won't get any. Until like 5 when the sun is about to go down that is when everyone leaves. I usually like to pop into the comfy day bed at that time with my drink.
I don't get it because I never want to stay in the day bed with little to no shades on top of me (that sheer piece of cloth does nothing!) at this time of the day. It's like LET'S BURN! No thank you.

 Giant Jenga!

 They are really bad at this. Not that I tried but...

 The view of the other side of my room in the day time!

Main pool view in the day time.
Look at those crazy people in the pool at 12 in the afternoon.
I'm pretty sure this is not just because I just came from a really cold place that I feel extra hot.
I'm pretty sure it IS super extra hot here where no one should want to stay out in the sun like that...but apparently I'm the weird one.

 Look at that!

 Will you understand if I say I can't get enough?

 Uncle's room is on the other side of the long hotel.

There's a cafe that serve little pastries and sandwiches in case you're hungry throughout the day.
Like that will ever happen.
Cause there's like 5 other snack place excluding stupid let's-make-all-our-guest-fat 24 hr buffet restaurant.
You just keep eating.

 He really likes this adorable, always smiling customer (that's me!)

After lunch and after-lunch-walk, everyone wants to go take a nap, I don't because I'm still so full from all the ice cream, so I stay here and rest....with a cup of Angel's Kiss Martini...just in case I'm not full enough.

Yellow flag! And mr. Lifeguard is off duty...
No seriously, this is real... I know it's not me, the view is THAT amazing, you don't need no skills to take amazing view like that, and I HAVE no skills, no professional equipment whatsoever.

As long as you always look at it so tinily, you can't really tell if I took this real life or if I downloaded from some kind of wallpaper website...I think...not...fine, maybe a littleeee bit of skills will help...

 Panorama shot of the beach.

 you HAVE to do one of these when you get to the beach no? with slippers in my hand....

 sexy waves.

Another attempt of panorama shot.
It's suppose to be a straight beach(like this one below) but I don't know why panorama shot make it round......Someone pro in camera can tell me maybe...

 To the right from where I stand...

And to the left...
With random people in my shots.
Those are other hotels along the beach, all huge and beautiful.

My hotel!
I think it's only fair to give it some credit of providing such amazing experience.

 This is one of the must-take, you know that.

 Poh gotta chill on the beach chair too.

Then of course, dinner time.
Dinner here, you have a choice of the buffet, of course, or fine dining.
Tonight our choice is full on Italian style fine dining.

 This is more like pre-appetizer.

While waiting for your appetizer you can go get these pre appetizer, buffet-style for these.
And you have your bread and your wine.

 Hello inside the restaurant.

 Wanted to take the view, with my face in it...doesn't work

 There. sun is going down.

We are suppose to kind of dress up nicely for these fine dining restaurants but nope.
Men have to wear long pants or you can't dine in so at least my dad have that..

5 gu and 5 tio. and that orange fountain thing behind them.

 2 sim and 2 chek...

And 2 tio. Can you tell how excited they are?
Maybe they are just too hungry...

This is probably my minestrone soup. Thank the lighting for the blurriness.

My steak and mushrooms.
Everyone was jealous cause mine looks perfectly portioned! Everyone else's is so super huge.

Mum's Salmon. Her all time favourite. Another perfectly portioned dish.

2 tio's Shrimp risotto.
It's a big portion, so my 2 tio who is already not a big fan of white food, couldn't really devour it all. Not the risotto's problem!

 Did I mention dessert is ALWAYS buffet style?

That fig cake (bottom left corner) is HEAAAAVEN~ like song-came-into-my-mind-when-I-thought-about-it good. seriously.

 Chocolate fruit cup and pudding.

 Then after dinner, a walk on the beach.

 Look at the moon and cloud thing going on here.

 Only if I have professional equipments...

 Wouldn't this look divine?!

 I couldn't get enough.
To be honest it didn't stop amazing me for the next couple days even though I see it every night.
Still gives me chills everytime I see it.

 Theres mum lol

acting all cute and stuff

kicked her out for a second to have a Moon and me moment.
And so she bring dad into the picture for justice

Then it's time to go to bed.



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