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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Banff with sis

some hall for...i don't even know why is it there lol
scene watching??

just how it looks like from the inside

camwhore shall we?

the ball room
with dance hall and everything
like where cinderella dance? yes!

this is just the freaking washroom
only girls washroom is this nice
boys washroom is just...a washroom lol
don't ask how do I know that.

the humongous christmas tree o.O

one of the gingerbread house from the competitors
how do you even do that ?

it's call "the collapse" LOL

the whole point is snow on the mountain
it's some prodigious view here,no joke

the one!
everything is edible lol

did i not say Banff is the best?
it is...(only when you don't plan to stay long)
that's why i love it!!!
it's obvious isn't it? lol
simply relaxing
after all the pressure lately
and the fear of x-ray
and the fear of the results of my blood test
the pain in my wound keep reminding about that
but it simply cleanse my mind
although i know my pressure will eventually come back so soon
pretty much immediately cause i came back this night
but still i enjoy almost every second although it was freezing
you couldn't imagine
the cold is horrifying
we went just for that one parade
i enjoyed although it's only like 30 mins parade
it won't be that fun if it's more than that
trust me it won't
well it prob will if it's some normal time
not when it's -18 degree
and i don't have my winter jacket with me
imagine staying in somewhere colder than your fridge
for one long time
it isn't fun at all
the scene is simply breathtaking
and the kids are...dainty lol
i honestly just wanna bite off that face haha

before that we went to this hotel
i never knew the name
but it's so pretty and i can't help
so i came home and google it
and IT IS THE ONE!!!
the one i was expecting
Fairmont hotel, that's right!
the so called Banff Spring
i was like dang!!!
it is damn pretty
it's a huge castle turned into a hotel
and pictures from old times is there
ghost stories from old times is there too
make it more fun and exciting to stay
and i guess, that's what make it Fairmont
impressed by every details they put in when designing the building
simply sumptuous and remarkable
the plushness shines with glory in an emphatic way
it's not hard to understand how Fairmont hotel is so notable now
after all these striking images came in sight
everything is now plausible
im sure they took so much time
i will actually get lost if i was absent-minded
even second of mindless will get me lost in that building
too much poles and walls lol

and the gingerbread house competition
i couldn't be much impressed
how do you make that?!!
especially the one that's like mascot or representative of the competition
it's huge and marvelous!
implausibly huge
made out of basically sugar and flour i think
and cover in CANDY
( dont worry i have pictures =] )
to make myself feel better
i think it's not made out of one person
i wont deny the fact that it's still dazzling

and I also went to get Sunny's birthday present
well i know she likes soap
so even though she hates me
since i dont hate her
i will still get her something
she's not a terrible person
she's just...i would say...spoiled

anyway, of course i won't miss the chance of getting myself something
influence by her
now kinda fall into soap stuff already
love rocky mountains and lush a lot
not as obsessed as her of course
i have self-control ability *proud ;)

enjoying the excellent scent xD

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