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Sunday, December 19, 2010

winter break

Let's start with some pictures.

beef stew~

the babies crew with the boss larissa LOL
so cute!!

food at the dinner!!

holiday finally
winter break finally
my birthday is almost here
he is leaving soon

wedding tonight
it was really good to be honest
especially when it's in the korean restaurant
with all these food i love
nothing could be better tonight
and so I ate so much

Love the part where it's such a small dinner that it's not troublesome and noisy like all the other wedding.
(because they already had a big one that I don't freaking get to attend, far away ><)
it's just family and really close friends
which is amazing, really
most touching part will probably be the video
i felt like my eyes warming up
so i quickly ran to the washroom
especially after watching Jason's cousin tearing up
i seriously couldn't help staying
i teared a little as soon as i reached the washroom
it's touching to know how they met
how they fall in love
how my cousin is well taken care
and how this man love her

welcome to the family Jason!
not like you weren't since looong time ago lol
and Congratulations, Qingyuin jie and Jason ♥

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