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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New blog!!

Ok so I've been struggling to start a blog and finally I just decided to pinned it down and get it done.
Why not right?
It's a good place to share and sharing is caring!
Not that anybody will come over but still, I'm sharing my thoughts to myself okay?! >.<

The reason I can't decide is I don't know what to do with it.
Well, I guess I don't need a reason but I mean at the moment I don't know what to write in here yet.
But don't worry, no matter what I write it's just gonna be about me lol
by saying me I mean EVERYTHING about me like my problems, my ranting, my life, my idiotic thoughts bla bla bla, good or bad. (hey, don't judge me! >< ) ya pretty much.
I think that could be a good enough reason, no? whatever.
Well, not like I will write down every second cause that people passing by might be bored to death cause I'll be writing things like"So I breathe in...and out...and while I'm breathing I pick up the glass and drink water....."
people will probably flag me for wasting the unlimited space on internet lol
Don't worry I won't do that.
But I can't promise it's gonna be interesting, cause I'm a pretty boring person.

Good luck to me! Let's hope I have fun :)

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