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Monday, January 3, 2011

Family to Banff!

well this are just pictures we took in Banff
mostly me lol
and family of course
then is alot of food pictures
trust me
although they're not from a super good restaurant
but it's cooked by 2cek
which used to be a cook
it still rocks our every meal lol

my dad acting cute lol

we encounter deer here all the time
but this close, never
so we are consider lucky
cause she was just standing RIGHT THERE
so close that everyone was surprise
she wasn't even scared and wouldn't run away
we're impressed
we actually even encounter a baby wolf
but he ran away
we don't have time to take any pictures
that's consider freaking lucky
no pictures taken
but image stored in brain
good enough
it's apparently not common to encounter wild wolf on the street
and they are adorable
cannot believe how they are actually predators.
thanks for showing up =]

before my dad act cute lol
dad discovered me taking pictures

those who loves japanese food will know
this is what we call satisfying xP

best creamy soup in winter
even watching it makes me hungry ><

pork i think?
damn nice
it's seared and then baked
then the sauce cooked differently
put together becomes purrfecct

beef casserole with bitter gourd
i love bitter gourd so i love this lol
especially when the meat itself is tender
makes the dish great

my dua pek
my dad's type~

crazily cute and funny lol
love acting cute
but i love them <3 p="p">

i took some pictures before we bought our house(which I will not show here, cause it's just me lol)
which is now officially ours

it's so weird cause I did not take any pictures of any other houses
just this one
and it miracly eventually become ours
soon i'll be staying in it

i cannot tell you how excited I am.

bye devil, I will miss you.

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