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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011 XD

a whole new year :)
wish me luck on everything
wish myself could be a better person
hope i could get rid of all my bad habits in the new year
i so should and so could :)

had some issue on the new years eve
but it all went well
and atlas my mood got so much better
so i basically came in to the new year with a really great mood
so hope that won't jinx my new year *fingers crossed*
anyway we didn't do much other than talk
and wii-ing party game

so this post will just be some pictures of previous event
i won't deny about the fact that i'm a freaking cam-whore lol

not just fried rice kay?!
I think this is quinoa salad....I'm not sure but.. ya.
but it's western i know lol
expensive stuff ><

salmon apparently
my favourite lol

err, i don't even know the name
but i know it's some melon and sauce mix together
some kind of salad lol

again don't know the name
some kind of prosciutto wrap or whatever. you know.
whatever but it seriously taste damn good

it's... mini tart
but special ones
they also have some that has mushrooms in there.
taste damn good too
(what doesn't taste good to me really)

these are basically some food on Joe kor's birthday party
the host is Yuin jie
and she usually cook western food
i don't really bother
I just enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies LOL

after the party =]

cousins brought me to this bar&restaurant
saying i'm now 18
should be able to go in lol
and that i can have pina colada mocktail lol
okay, sure -.-

my flower from Ken kor
which i appreciate so much
flowers just mean something else on a 18th birthday.
at least to me.
I never liked to accept flowers but this one is different.

my four birthday cakes lolol

they say i'm now legal to drink LOL
so my first legal wine XD
ignore the blurriness of my phone, I'm probably drunk lol

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