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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


my cutie nieces
and newborn Chloe
welcome to the world
just happen to love you alot

remember your smile to me
at the very first time we met
your first week to the world
the very first time i held you
you already smile to me
just happen to love you alot

well i love everyone of them
no jokely
especially when they all just happen to like me so much

the newborn Chloe
napping as much as she could

awake lol
so cute when she just keep staring

she is so tiny i know
just slightly more than a month only
fragile and CUTE!!

my larissa B
the intelligent but naughty one

has the biggest eyes ever
and longest eyelashes
doubt that your chinese lol

not even her birthday
she thought it is
that cake is just desert for the dinner that night
which is for my parents the Malaysian lol

i messed it up lol

i messed it up,again
i took a sip before i remember to take a picture
so depressing

end with a cup of green tea i got in Farmer's market
one of my favourite market
to be honest
it's just because it's full of food XD

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