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Thursday, April 14, 2011


This Is Fun!!!!
California is so nice ><
the weather is nice
those buildings we went is nice
the Walt Disney Concert Hall is nice
everything is nice!!!
(what is not nice when you travel -.-)
i think it's the heat
that makes everything nice

went to Disneyland
the Band people did workshop today while we are gonna do it tomorrow
and then we did rides
there is so many people there
like holy wow it's not even holidays
we couldn't go on much ride cause of the short of time
but still it's fun
there isn't any exciting rides at all
cause we were at the kids section T.T
and all the rides we go on
cannot be too risky
it's in the policy cause we are still "too young" and totally need overprotection
so i thought it was gonna be bored
but it ended up being totally okay
as the animation tech they did
is freaking awesome
Johnny Depp looks freaking real in that ride
i couldn't believe it was fake

although the rides are somehow bored
but think about it
no matter how bored it is
its better than going to school *eww*
it's the happiest place on earth
where happily ever after happens everyday
what else do you want?
i couldn't ask for more
especially it's not just today
we are still coming here tomorrow for workshop
and then we are going to Hollywood tomorrow
it's gonna be freaking awesome tomorrow
let's not be so greedy for today

in fact i still did had fun today
we sneaked on the tower of terror
cause we aren't suppose to go on there
in fact, i didn't know
i swear i didn't know
i only found out after that
and it was freaking awesome
not even kidding
being able to scream my lungs out
hell it makes my day lolol

the california park is actually pretty cool
with like a dance floor in it
and this cool ride
it was a satisfying night

i bought my bitches something
and my babe something
i dont care if you like it
you're just gonna have to use it LOL
i love you guys <3 p="p">anyway,
hey hollywood

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