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Saturday, April 16, 2011


third day was still awesome even though it's the last day
it was shopping time in the morning
which is obviously all the girls favourite
and i think in this case, all the guys as well
it was suppose to be homework time
but everyone cares more about souvenirs shopping other than homework
so complaints are made
and in Canada we support human rights LOL
and so we got what we want
we get to shop till our wallet drop
i'm seriously broke because of this T.T

then i get to sleep on the bus since the Disney Festival is kinda far
it feels great being able to sleep so much
and all you need to do when you open your eyes is sing
how could life be any better
no school
play, sing, play, sing
it's like the best days i've ever had
my job is only to sing
how could i not love this?

today wasn't busy at ALL
since it's the last day
we just need to go to that Music Festival thingy
then go to the dinner show
it's a awesome experience

the Dinner show is something like a show
that serves dinner
like living back in the monarchs time
and we are all the nobles
coming from all around the world
gathered in this one land to bond with this whoever king
and we are treated as prince and princesses for sure
just that we don't have utensils back then
we have to eat with our hands
isn't that cool?
it's freaking awesome

then there is like shows in front of us while we are eating
meat are served
BIG PIECE of meat i mean
and not very humane show
but not too inhuman
just for an animal freak like me
that looks painful ><

whatever it is
we then head back to the hotel for a good night sleep
as tomorrow is time to head BACK
i'm very excited to see..everyone LOL
but the thing is
i don't wanna see those disgusting white-ness ><
it's ridiculous how Calgary could STILL be snowing in mid April.

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