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Thursday, October 13, 2011

hell winter!

it's not freaking winter
well it's not suppose to be
but too bad it is
we have freaking 2 days straight snow
5 feet tall snow
and I am the one that needs to shuffle it
yeap, sounds so much fun hey

im the one doing all the shuffling job k? ><
its not easy when the snow is freaking heavy
i did my daily workout through this lol
yay~ i like it like this

it's actually that tall
not just camera effect
it's actually like that
so if i dont shuffle it
people sink into it
sounds pretty fun still hey
it's freaking not
i HATE snow so much, no joke

today is such an adventure
first i need to work
so i got out the house at 914am to catch the 920 bus
it came 30 mins later
cause it's stuck up the hill (i live on a hill)
just get off and came to us
and then got stuck by our bus stop again lol
i'm like seriously?(in a pretty calm way)
even bus driver is going crazy
she is like freaking kidding me?
why do they make us come up here at all?
i can understand her for that
she must be in pain
i can tell driving bus is exhausting ><
but well in my mind is like, i didnt get up early for nothing
hell i'm going to work
sorry you have to drive up here
you just need to send us poor people to work T.T
i dont care if i'm late whatever, i'm going
so i called in and tell them about this whole stuck thing and then still trying to get to work
the bus get off after trying for 10 mins ish
it's pretty scary
the bus keep sliding to the side and looks like it's gonna ran into the house or something
i was so scared T.T
coincidentally i was texting mr. Tan, and he only say HaHa or Good Luck something like that
i wanna punch him in the face no joke
like i'm dying here!
but i thought he wouldnt understand the situation, at all
not anyone else other than Calgarian will, no joke

anyway we successfully got off that stupid snow
and then move for another 2 or 3 stops
and guess what? yeap stuck AGAIN
without even getting into the snow
this time, we actually ran into the shelter and the bench
cause while we r trying to get out
as usual the bus keep sliding to one side
this time, the bus driver is like we are not going anywhere for at least another hour
she tried to call control and she could never get through
i guess in this extreme weather
too much accidents is happening
or at the very least, getting stuck
so i called mum and tell her about the situation
i can tell she must be worried
because when i told her i was going to walk to work
she freaked out
too bad mum, i'm not going home
hell i didn't wake up for nothing
so i somehow persuaded her
followed this random guy, Robbie, from the bus to start walking
with this old man
i was so worried cause that ah pek is a old cute ah pek
i don't want ah pek to get hurt or get cold you know
but he came anyway
so we walk 1.4km in this crazy weather
me with no proper dressing almost fainted
it wasn't cold if the wind wasn't there
too bad the wind is like screw you sherine!
20 minutes walk out to bow trail
it's like horror movie no joke
we zombie team trying to run away from zombie kinda thing
cause where we walk, there is no one
it's understandable how no one wants to come out in this crazy weather

we saw some cool stuff like people backing up in the middle of the main road
we guess he didnt have winter tire and is having problem going up the hill
but seriously, backing up on the main road wasn't a any better choice
then he himself gave up after trying to back up for like 30 mins
poor thing tried to drive all the way up the hill again
hope he survive, sincerely hope so
i understand the pain not any less although i'm walking ONLY
then we saw this crazy car
his car kind of got out of control
he was spinning around while we are in the shelter
we were all busy watching without remembering how it could probably ran into us
cause our shelter is right by the street
luckily robbie asked us to get out of the shelter
and that car kinda got control over his car again
i was like dude, you are NOT in a rush, not in this freakin weather
but apparently he is, he start speeding again as soon as he could

finally i got to work
an hour late
of course bao knows i didnt want to
so i didnt get into shit
and got some tips still

then at work i hurt myself
by peeling off my nails, painfully
and burn myself
what a day!

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