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Saturday, October 22, 2011

back to Bangkok!

This is gonna be about food k? let's just feature food first, everything together will be too much and my favourite is food so, here we go XD

advice of the day : NEVER ask a taxi driver about where to dine in, taxi scams are just horrible. They do not consider your situation, they just bring you to wherever that's willing to pay them some commission. What you get is nothing but a meal that's not satisfying at all and a extremely surprisingly unacceptable bill, that usually ruins your day(even though you were having your best day ever shopping XD) Simply beware, it's SOOOOO common =.=
Like most tourists, we wants to find something nice and local, since we're there, you know, just those tourist thoughts. So dinner time, we asked the driver to bring us this restaurant we found online and he's all like oops-not-there, and so we are like okay recommend us something then (*dom* fell into trap), then you know, obviously he brought us to this big restaurant, looking good and everything. My bro thinks it doesn't look right even before we got off the taxi (while my os:perasanlah budak ni~). Why? cause there's too many white people (lol racist), but i'll just say they don't have same taste buds as Asians ( bad taste..? ) hehe while my man totally agree with this saying *hee* so we already think we won't like it.
Anyway, we sat down and I try to check if there's wifi so that I can text but suddenly thought of like hmm why not check the reputation of the restaurant? thanks to that, and the bizarre-enough name I easily found out that it's a well-known scam and rating is 18/21, on the bad side obviously. Then what? time to go!

The restaurant first driver bought us >:3

Innocent people like me (hoho), thought the taxi driver will not scam us after knowing that we JUST got scam 5 seconds ago, but nope! not so lucky, the 2nd taxi driver was like screw-you-dumb-tourist and literally just brought us to another expensive restaurant while saying that it's very cheap and nice, and my family was like REALLY!? my family, never compromise in eating decided to say NO to scams! and again, walk away. Then all of a sudden found this restaurant beside the big tourist restaurant which look typical and we were hungry as hell so without other choices anyway, we decided to give it a try, thanks to that, it turn out to be a pretty good choice.

You can obviously, it's fine dining, so a little pricey, but totally acceptable, for a family thing. Well, com on! it's a family trip, make some good memory for everyone too?

Sorryyy, but everyone was so hungry, no one bothers to wait till I finish taking picture lol
Even a simple stir fried vegetable like this taste so awesome, not the best it was already nicer than usual >< I swear it's not because I'm hungry lol

Here comes the good stuff, fried fish with the sauce, omg missing it T.T

 The normal curry.

noticed why I called that the normal curry, cause here we also ordered the Green curry :)
Seriously both are good but green curry is extraordinary. Normal curry was a little heavy after couple of sip but green curry, it only makes you want more. like seriously, it's something you definitely wouldn't mind going back even just for the next meal :P

I mean how can they make the rice so perfect for everything? It's the soft kind that really capture your taste bud but not too sticky that will look slightly undesirable. It was just nice!

Thanks to those evil taxi drivers we end up having a gooood meal heh there's still some more dishes that I couldn't take picture in time that are actually worth taking note of but, well, too bad. Like their sambal and seafood kerabu, I can't help but drill : )'
Actually thanks to those scam actually, we saved some taxi money too. They won't be so calculative with the taxi money after scamming you so they take really cheap price for the trip, since they're gonna get way more commission from the restaurant anyway.

The night before, we went for sukiyaki shabu shabu. HOLY! what a waste ordering 4 different kind of soup when everyone was only coming for the sukiyaki lol

looks absolutely normal, but NO! the black sukiyaki sauce is the bomb man~

egg, dip the cooked beef in here and immediately serve your mouth, I ensure you the wow you will be having. Don't worry about the uncooked egg, all japanese have them, do you see anyone dying?

 This is salmon, meant to be cook, not sashimi k? NO RAW EATING THIS THING! cook it with the sukiyaki sauce and you will get impress. Just because it's a period mark doesn't mean I'm calm when I'm saying that, it's just that even exclamation mark can't express the wow I get.

 A little rice to go with all those is great, especially when it's this special onion fried rice. not the strong taste but the strong smell in your throat that's impressive. It should not be having a strong taste or else it'll overpower the main dish, the sukiyaki, exactly!

 DESSERT!! I can't say it's my favourite cause I like everything!!! but green tea cremoso...omg people who knows me should know, green tea is totally my weak spot, so when it turns into this soft texture, jelly-like-but-not-so thingy, how can I resist it and how can I not put it as one of my favourites?!

finish EVERYTHING, wow, mum great eater lol

lost Ying sou and bro.
You see that black thingy in both pictures? In the pot right in front of my mum's pot. I don't know but if you see it, that's the thing!

Then found this cupcakes stall outside the restaurant ( the restaurant is in the mall ), I'm like, REALLY? this is all you have? cause even the smallest cupcake store in Canada has more variety than this. obviously I know that's a western dessert, DUH~

Just an awesome coffee shop I passby that will definitely wanna come next time. design of the coffee shop really captures people, or at least, me.

sounds awesome don't they?

Handmade candy
The cool thing is, they show you the making process and somehow able to put words or prints inside each candy, when it's handmade O.O

Now below is where we had lunch in Chatuchak market. Just right before we start working, obviously we need to fill up our tummy before we work as we hard workers use lotsss of energy later o.O
Anyway, these are the local ones that will not impress you any lesser.

kerabu obviously, the famous dish from Thailand. I like how they use fresh seafood for their seafood kerabu. Some bad store literally use bad ones,  yucks!

such a small store but with a lot of surprises. Don't need to understand the words cause their menu contains picture ;) smart marketing skills :P

Their sign that normal tourist will most probably miss out >_<

I prefer this more than KFC!

Their best dish. Always show your best dish to attracts customer, the Thai marketing... I guessed, well they all do so...I don't know I'm just saying...

Actually there is SO MANY more that I don't get to talk about, some are even more local, and obviously, GOOD.
maybe next time you should ask me when you wanna go Bangkok, I might be a pro then XD

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