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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bangkok stays

Heading to Bangkok!

I'm sitting beside mummy so I made my beautiful mother to take picture with me ^^ I love you mummy ♥ Was gonna take with belove daddy too but he's too far >_< after having fun with camera obviously  you sleep, it's a flight, what else can you do? T.T

So then we comes to staying.
As it was a working trip, we cannot waste money on luxurious comfy nice hotel, so my experienced bro brought us to this not grand or anything, just comfortable and spacious enough for us to work and rest. You know how some cheap motels are small and very suffocating most of the time, this one is cheap but comfortable at the same time. Just the size is satisfying enough. Each room is big enough  to be renovated into 2 smaller rooms and still big enough. It's great for budget travelling, backpack travelling or like us, business trip XD
Oh right, Lemonseed is the name, run by Thai family, sister married to white man though, so no worries on communications as they can usually speak some English. Breakfast provided too!

 leng Sou.

 it might look small, but seriously it's BIG~ even the washroom is big enough to become a room lol

time to leave for work!

Think twice before you call yourself a shoe seller. If your store doesn't have too much shoes that you have to present them like this, no you're not selling shoes lol

 stores all the way to the unseen-able end.
selling all sorts of things, and I mean EVERYTHING! apparently even tigers...O.O

 and fat man's body, boobs, abs....why workout? just get your amazing body here!nobody will be able to tell, I promise. lol
in fact, the best halloween costume store XD

hmm, what is this shit? oh, a piece of shit. literally. lol

 A very nice store selling handmade clothes and bags, made by owner of store. She is a really nice person and very nice taste. She designed the store with the most vintage materials like that clock, and a fan that is currently blocked over by >< anyhow, it's amazing how she put each of those very vintage materials together and make it like that. this thing, creativity, something I can never understand @.@

 Obviously they sell dogs when they sell tigers.

 Damn CUTEEEE guinea pigs too~ dont use them for experiment ><

 then Jenny's store lol I didn't know you're selling bra!?

What we got for the first day after couple hours walking in the market. These are not mine k? I wish = = just okay performance for the first day work. Need to work harder the next day!!!

Tired ah sou, passed out on bed while everyone take shower. Rushing to dinner, only time to rest now! It was like that, sigh.

Then you know, you always need to go home.

Bye Bangkok! it was nice seeing you again ^^

tiring but fun, definitely do this again. :)

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