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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Everything gone!

I did not purposely cleaned out everything.
It was an accident and everything was gone.
I felt a little, just a little, sad.
Well, I did made up my mind when I decide to delete most of my post.
Cause I thought memories are memories cause they will always be in your mind, so I don't need this.
After struggling for a couple of minutes, my mind won the game and my finger went ahead and click click click and everything was gone.
My heart immediately felt like shit one second later and I realized I CAN'T RECOVER THEM?!
I mean, I really do have a lot of memories that I want to keep that is in my mind, but then I had these posts to remind me about them and I could laugh at my silliness.
So sad.

Fortunately, I found a way to recover some of them and I was happy.
My post about granny, I was able to get it back. It was enough for me.
but most of 2012 were not there, mostly because I haven't been posting lol

Anyway, I believe I did a great choice.
Now, I can have a brand new start.


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