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Friday, November 23, 2012

Silly day.

What is wrong with me?
I usually do enough research before I do anything to anything (in the kitchen).
I check to make sure if I should buy anything or which brand is the best or how should I use it..etc.
Anyhow, I don't know why I didn't this time, but I didn't!
This time I was just lazy, unfortunately, and lesson learned the hard way. sigh.
I still ate the food, hopefully I won't die (not now nor the future please!)
Hopefully, it's okay that I didn't throw all 6 tomatoes away.
Hey, it's 6 tomatoes, do you really think I can just throw them out?
I ate them, and I'm left with this amazing looking sauce under the bowl.
Please, just tell me I didn't do anything wrong.

Oh those roasted tomatoes.
So delicious and definitely no rubber taste.
It's sweet with a little tartness and smokiness from roasting it.

I like to eat raw tomatoes with sugar.
just like that. It taste so good, I promise.
Go try it and if you don't like it, as a punishment, give them all to me, I'll painfully stuff all of them into me.
Anyway, so instead of just salt, I seasoned it with salt AND sugar. Yum!
Obviously I won't miss the pepper.
I was gonna put some rosemary and thyme onto it but then I figured, why make it fancy?
These tomatoes are so fresh and delicious, so why am I troubling myself here(as if I'm not already by roasting them)?
Anyhow, these tomatoes on vine from Costco, really did not disappoint me.
I did a right choice and it was amazing.

Even though I couldn't save my mistakes from anyway like other times, at least I didn't like it that much? Ha, that doesn't makes me feel better. sigh.
Whatever, those tomatoes did.
I'm all good now.

So ya, I burned my Silipat by putting it under the broiler and had to throw it out. sigh.
Silly me and silipat, we will be friends again next time.
I promise I'll treat you well then.

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