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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I did wrong.

Geez. It's not like it didn't happen before why wasn't I aware of it?
Today I throw out an entire stick of baguette, again.
Last time was a whole loaf of bread.
Really, like what is wrong with me?
I mean I live in Canada, who throws bread out here?
everybody eat bread everyday!
well, at least I think so.
And I have problem finishing one stick of baguette?
Don't look at me with that kind of eyes, I did not do it on purpose!
They were all molded okay?!
I tried to googled it so somebody on the net will tell me something like

"It's okay to eat molded bread, have you seen any beggars died because they eat molded bread? they died because they have no food! So, how dare you trying to waste food here? eat it, you will be fine and live happily ever after healthily with no problem!"

or even

"Do it! no problem, everybody does that! Did you not know it's totally normal? duhh."

but no, sigh.
What I got back was

"It depends on the bread mold; some are harmless, some are indigestible and can make you throw up, some are poisonous and can make you very ill (Although there is no scientific evidence that any bread mold has ever killed anyone directly, in the history of all space and time -including other planets..)"

I mean, com'on. Does that really looks like it's gonna make me risk my life and eat it hoping I met a harmless mold?Sigh.

I feel extremely bad.
I could have made bruschetta, bread pudding, or even simple sandwiches for his lunch(now that I have turkey bacon!!!!!yay!! *claps).
See why I want a panini press so much?

Anyway, I've learned my lesson, I promise.

Note-to-self of the day: no more buying bread if I'm never gonna eat it. (or freeze them at least!)

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