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Friday, December 7, 2012

youtube life

Is it just me or everybody does that?

I don't usually subscribe to people on Youtube. I used to try not to.
Until I realize I can't remember them all then I start to subscribe.
My problem is I don't subscribe to them because I love them, weird much?
I just like the excitement of searching them up and when it finish loading I can know if they uploaded a new video.
So like, if they have a new video it's like a little surprise to myself and if they don't I'll be really sad and disappointed.
Am I weird? lol

Lately, I've been subscribing to workout channels and people and loving them.
I am not a fan of (and I mean absolutely HATE) boring same old workout routine. I just stop working out after awhile doing the same thing over and over again, since I'm bored the hell out of it.
I don't know how other people do it. I mean, how do you not get bored seeing the same scene over and over again after looking at them for months (or even years) ever since you start running there at the same spot(that is specifically for my dad lol)? even gym! It just doesn't work for me.
In fact, it is NOT good, I repeat, NOT GOOD, to repeat the same workout routine for too long(they say more than a month or two), according to my research.You have to switch up your workout once in a while so that your body is not used to the same thing and the efficiency will decrease.
You know, just like some medicine, your body develop resistance to it and you have to consume more.
Oh and that's one of the reason why I absolutely hate medicines(the other reason is just because they taste bad lol).
So I love these workout channels cause they actually give me a different workout everyday so I can keep them until they ran out of ideas, yay!
Well, obviously I repeat the ones I like until I'm bored of them and then I go for a new search. They have hundreds of videos I don't have to worry about it.
Absolutely loving it!!


hello abs in.....I'm too pussy to commit a date but I'll just say... 3 months or less lol

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