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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Smelly good things

I didn't know what I got myself into until recently.
This is real bad.

Once upon a time... like couple weeks ago... I just needed a new toner and I don't know what to get.
I always like to try new things but I want to make sure it's not gonna harm my skin at the very least. Even though it may not help, it cannot be bad.
I don't stick with one because I don't usually have major skin problems, and I don't really see anything that effect my skin that much so there's no point of using the same one if it's not doing any major difference. I might as well find something that might give my skin major improvement like I used it and it start shining, or I turn into celebrity face(yea right, that's magic water)... or something...
I usually like to try things that's organic, or at least as chemical-free/alcohol-free/whatever-bad-thing-free as possible. AND it has to smell clean, or at least doesn't smell bad, I mean, I don't wanna walk around with stinky face, that's
anyhow, I did my research and this came up.

I read about this before somewhere else long time ago but for some reason it just didn't catch me.
This time I just decide to give it a try.
I made it and right away hesitant to used it. It smells, awful. Not like fetor but it's just unpleasant.
But then the good things they say about this was really really attractive.
Plus, I purposely spend money on it so I really don't wanna just dump it, what a waste.
I don't know why didn't I start with a little first so that at least if I didn't like it or it didn't work it won't feel like such a waste. Anyhow I didn't, I was being stupid and made a big amount of it, now I really have to use all of it, sigh.

This, turns out to be SO good that it's bad.
Now I have to walk around with stinky face, dang it.
Luckily stinks doesn't stay on for more than 1 minute literally.

I didn't see major difference again this time, at first. Was not disappointed and did not have much feelings about it. I guess I was just used to it. Even went on and bought an actual toner on the market.
I am glad I didn't give it up and continue using it with my new toner, or else I would have never knew.

Lately I was getting lazy, especially late at night I just wanna bump into my bed and start snoring. So I stop using the Smelly for awhile. Only for a couple of days though, and guess what, ACNE!!!! FOUR pop out of my chin and forehead, and I was like WHAT HAPPEN!!!
So obviously I went and think about what I did differently recently and realized that I stopped using my Smelly! In fact, I recalled how acne have not pop out on my face since I used Smelly. I used to always have one or two acne pop out once in a while but not since I used Smelly. So since then, I live happily ever after with Smelly. yup.

And Smelly is simply :

I know! It's so simple! And I was able to get it wrong! ya. so smart.

It's 1:3 ratio, 1 part apple cider vinegar, 3 part water.
Smart me for some reason thought that adds up to three and did 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water, almost burn my face open. Alright, maybe it's not THAT bad, but it's not good. It really did stings my face when I first put it on, so don't do that ever again!

The ratio doesn't have to be super super precise, it's just a guide and you can adjust later. After awhile of using it, I was able to tell if I added too much water or too much vinegar, and too much or too little might only mean 1 teaspoon more or 1 teaspoon less, you just need to feel it. Too much or too little both have their effect. If you literally put too much vinegar(like a cup less like me), it will stings and pain never means something good. If you only put a little too much vinegar, like a teaspoon or tbsp, then it might dry out your face. You know, something like that and so on.

Obviously not all DIY works for everyone so you'll just have to maybe try it out yourself or preferably ask your dermatologist. I can't tell you why exactly it's good (cause I can't remember), but you can definitely search it up it's all over the place so don't worry. My skin type is kind of dry-combination and it happens to work. Pecan's skin is oily and acne-prone, I was able to persuade him into using it lately. He didn't want to before cause of the smell, but even he was able to adapt to it. He is that kind of person who will not try anything smelly, no matter how amazing you tell him that thing is, he will not usually try it, so this must not be that bad. This winter weather always awakens his acne and so I make him used it and I can see his acne going away, in 2 days! I don't know if it's coincidence but I got back on continue using it and my acne went away too, and since then nothing new pops out.

I don't know but I'm gonna keep using it until it stops working, but hopefully it will never stops, or at least wait till when there is other superior cheap substitutes...Maybe then.

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