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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Let's talk Spring!
This time not about food(surprise!!!)! I am in love with the spring trend right now.
I finally get to wear my ballet flats and shorts and head off. Unlike winter, I have to wear like tank top, t-shirts, an outerwear, and then jacket, scarves, gloves, sometimes double layer, you know the drill, it's just never ending work, especially on the coldest days.
I'm more than happy even though spring always come late in Canada and some of them even say Canada basically doesn't have spring. For Canadians, we HAVE spring, 10 degrees is spring and we rock our shorts and tank tops and head out.

I specially like the mint colour trend this spring. Mint has become my favourite colour since even before spring.



Mint-coloured anything is a no-kidding trend right now, it looks good and feels summery.

I'm usually afraid of light-coloured pants since I'm not the skinniest person in the world and wearing light-coloured pants makes me look fatter. But I love the colour so much that I decided not to sacrifice my love for them.


Any pieces with a hint of the colour mint attracts me. And colourful pieces like this makes it even more summery but doesn't yell body shape since it's loose-fit.

It's summer, you can't hide in darkness anymore!


Everything from Milktee.

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