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Monday, September 7, 2015

Rumbly's Training Diary 1

This is just so I remember every single detail about Rumbly's training.
Seriously though, this training has been nothing but a learning experience as well as test for patience, for me, for the most of it.

This devil thing, I don't know a better word to describe my baby, and I love him to death. But he is a devil. Don't try to convince me otherwise, it's not... no... like you don't understand.

First things first, patience is like the rule of all rules.
I don't really want my dog to have to go to school. I want to try my best before I tell myself that I should let the professionals do this. So here I am, struggling to get him to, for instance, poop, not on everywhere else but the pee pad. And look! As we speak, he just poop on the carpet!
For the longest time(like whole day yesterday) all I did was think to myself,

"my Rumbly is a dummy"
"okay this is never ever going to work",

I kept going anyway.
Mostly because he has the most adorable, first ever haircut from Barking Babies yesterday and all things could be forgiven. I'm going to guess the puppy god saw my hard work and did some magic on Rumble and magically things are starting to get together.

"Go to your bed" took like a good 500 tries to get him to response but hey! It's seeing results!
Oh and when I say "go to your bed" I really mean "go to your BED". It's bad but sometimes it could be "go in your bed", that's my mistake on a confusing cue to that might have contribute to this taking a little longer.

"Leave it" its doing really well!! Usually if he approaches the treat and I don't get to stop him in time, the treat is bye-bye, sayonara. After a series of different "leave it" training with different distractions, I was able to stop him in time from getting a dropped treat. Trust me, I screamed "whoohoo" inside more than you could imagine. Only if it isn't midnight here.

Recall is doing decent, he is responding wayy better than he used to be. We were at the pet store and there were other of his human best friends, in case you were wondering who isn't his human best friend? I don't know, he likes everyone but me. So his "friends" are playing with him and he gets really rough really easily, so I try to call him before he runs cray and guess what, no response. Today he "found" Tomoka's feet and didn't even care if I ever existed. But later today, he was doing a little better after I upgraded his treat. I know, shallow dog.

Same thing with the positive interrupter. Yesterday, the positive interrupter training was unbearable to mention. Pretty much like nothing happened. Today, after more series of hard, intense training, he is responding to us a lot better. Yes, we upgraded the treat for this.

Things to pay attention to are like, the treat you use in different things.
I realized it matters A LOT, he response so differently! Simply use his favourite treat for the hardest task. Right now, that is pooping for us. sigh.
Look out cause he might really love something, but if he is full, he will lose interest. So make sure you keep track of how long you have been training him for with certain treats.
Obviously, the treats he likes less will last shorter in training than his favourite treat, Rumble gets bored really easily so this was really easy to pick up.
What that was really hard, and still is, is to keep training healthy. I don't wanna over feed him or simply letting him have too much salty food and etc. But with him, I do have to do it for a decent amount of time. So I only use his most crazy favourite treat like pepperoni or cheese if I absolutely have to. I don't have to use so much with his favourite treats (usually the unhealthiest for him) for certain tricks but you know, I always need to watch out. I get carried away and forgot that half bag of wild rabbit treat is gone.

All these are tips and tricks I picked up from the best dog training youtuber - kikopup.

I did doubt her ways, only because her dogs all seems to be pretty smart. Like she has to know how to pick the smartest looking dog, she is a dog trainer. Biased Sher was all like,

"yea, you can't do this Sher."

I gave it a go and I'm hooked. I watch the whole series of puppy training videos in one sitting. Might or might not have held in pee for way too long than I should.

She speaks dog, I swear.

This is one of her like 900000 views video that I should have watched way earlier and I should repeatedly watch 800 more times until I master everything in it.
My Rumble nibs just everything, as long as it is a thing, he will bites it.

Anyway, it is like 4 am in the morning. Good night Rumble, we shall meet again, like tomorrow.


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