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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What I should've done instead.

Might as well right?
Do my confessions now.

I know, I am not supposed to yell at him.
I need to show him that I'm the best thing ever and loves him a lot just so I am more reinforcing than anything.
But, sometimes I just can't help it.
When he bites me, it really really hurts.
He is getting really big, you know, my Rumblyrum.
He thinks he is using the same light strength to bite me, but no! Rumbly dear, you are growing, so are your jaw strength.
I try, really really hard not to get angry, I swear.
When he is gentle I love him to death, actually even when he is not, I still love him to death :(
Why do you think I am bleeding everywhere.

I also know, I am supposed to not give him punishments.
But really, putting him in the room, alone, is just a way of me to calm him down!!
I'm serious, I usually let him out really quick....other than the times when I forget about him....then he sometimes is in the room for a good 30 minutes.
I do not lock him in the closet anymore in a confined space, to restrict him, as a punishment. When I used to, it is at most for like 30 mins at most.
Now after learning from Emily, I felt really bad.
I do not time out him anymore, just calming him down in a room on his own, with toys.
Sometimes, all the people in the surroundings excites him too much and he becomes extra mouthy.
I remove him only so he can calm down, only he might think it's a punishment........

I know, I'm not supposed to focus on one training.
I should train him a variety of things, everyday.
I wanted to, but I didn't have a chew stick!!
I wanted to use a chew stick to train him to drop, and I didn't go to the pet store...yet... because I was... busy... you know.
Anyway, I could have trained him other things you say?
Well, I wanted to focus on the most basic, and most important.
Like being calm and come as call.
I feel like tricks can all come later but some stuff are essentials, you know.
Plus, I moved on and trained him to drop, so it's all forgiven?

Lastly, I know, I need to control his interactions with other dogs and other humans who might not know how to handle a puppy and what he is getting trained for.
Or else, I either let all my training go into the sea of forgiven or I'm giving him bad socializing experiences. So I set him up for failures and now no one will ever like him, not dogs nor human.
This I will work on. No excuses.
I've got an extreme case, trust me. Extreme ways are needed, like extreme amount of love.
This new way of training is really bizarre to a lot of people. No giving him the stare or even punishment in general. So it is a little bit harder.
It's just that I feel bad a lot of times not letting other punishing him because he is hurting them.
I also forget some people just really don't know how to handle dogs, doesn't matter if they own one or not. Some people put their dogs in strollers for god's sake.
I won't be able to explain the concept to everyone so all I can do is keep an eye on my pup.
I'm just glad I have Bimbob here to help me, it's his dog after all.


Holding back from trying to bully, how nice of you.

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