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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rumbly's Training Diary No. 2

I might have gotten a little bit lazier than I was the first day I brought Rumbly home from haircut.
The sessions lessened but I really have a really good excuse... I mean reasons.

Rumblepoo has been doing exceptional on Recall training and his positive whistling home.
Outside the house, where there is distraction, my pup don't give 100 sheets of who I am.
If we are outside, our pup's OS when he sees another human is most probably,


And whatever I say, it's like it flew over his head and never hit him.

Yup, new mum instantly.

So for the past couple of days, we have been trying to proof his training, most importantly Recall and the interrupter. As Emily said, proofing is shooooo important. I mean you really want it to work perfectly every single time, especially on very important commands.

First couple of days, really didn't work. Rumblepoo being Rumblepoo. 
Then, we go back some steps to enhance his experience with being recalled and interrupter. So his muscle memory forever associates us calling him as his favourite food and/or he needs to look at us.
It has been working brilliant!! At least with all our friends. He sometimes will do the I-need-to-go-but-hey quick bite, when we interrupt him, especially with new people, but he is getting there. 
I'm seeing results at least. 

I judge this by how I'm feeling right now, like less angry, so I could be wrong.
It could just be Bimbob is here to help out today and there is enough distractions for him today to bug me less. 
Or it is the end of the day and he is calmly sleeping by my bed, acting cute and all. 
One or the other.
Might not be really him showing results, but you know, one can dreams.

He dream on Bimbob's bed all the time.

Like I said for the past few days, we have been focusing on proofing everything, which Emily did NOT recommend.
Let's be honest, I... didn't listen to everything she said alllllll the time.
While we can talk about what I didn't do and should do some other time, let's focus on the good things now, shall we?
Don't worry, I have excuses... I mean good reasons, for everything.

Today we started new stuff, yay!
We tried the drop it thing, with his new chew stick(?) thing. 
We are suppose to stuff that into the Kong for him to enjoy, which we eventually did.
We tried to train drop it with the stick first.
I have to say, he doesn't really understand it just yet, we are getting there though.
I will need to emphasize, you will absolutely NEED a less desirable chew stick and a highly desirable treat for this.
I tried it with a lower value treat that he will nibble and be satisfy for other cheaper tricks, he sniffed the treat and give me a look, the 

"you must not be serious. I drop that for this?"

look , for like 5 seconds until I gave him his cheese.
Not kidding you at all.

Him sitting far away, so he can see me on the bed. Just the most adorable puppy ever. I'm biased yes.
I had wonder how do you really find out what they like and not, seriously you can just tell. 
I thought I might get it wrong too but apparently, dogs' emotions are really not that hard to guess.
Even the female dogs...
They actually get bored with things they don't really care for that much and just seem hesitant to eat the treat.
But for example, Rumbly's favourite, he never hesitates. No matter how much I've fed him.

Thanks Bimbob for being around these training days.
It really makes everything sooo much easier.


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