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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Avocado Cupcake

Right after my Sweet Potato Cupcake, I was determined to pipe more real food onto cupcakes and make them not just sweet but really edible (not just full on sugar and unhealthy, but real food...with sugar and less unhealthy). So I went on Google spree and found another recipe to try!

It's obvious that I'm talking about avocado here (from the title yes!)
I didn't like avocado before I think they are bland and boring and most importantly, fattening. This reason keeps me away from it for a long time until I found out that it actually helps you burn the bad fat!!So I'm like hell yea, and start buying a bunch of avocados, even though mr. Pecan does NOT like it (He said he don't mind it but yea right, pick it out every time he could, what a kid.). I like it! It's creamy, it's easy to dress up and you can do so many thing with it!
Guacamole is not my favourite but adding it into dessert or salad or sandwich, yummay!

I actually replace a big part of the fat in the cupcake with avocado, so it will still be moist but it's healthy! Oh yea, I'm so into healthy food lately, and you'll know why later.

I didn't make a whole batch of cupcake because I knew I can't eat them all. I mean I would love to, but I shouldn't and I couldn't, AND you'll know why later.

After my cupcakes are done, I whipped up some avocado and tiny bit of cream cheese to give it some stiffness, for my frosting!

Frosting on the left, cupcakes on the right, all ready for me to pipe!!
After my last success on piping, I'm much more confident now. Only this frosting is not as tough and the other ones so I can't really decorate much other than doing the plain old swirl decoration. So that's what I did.

You see most of them are the simple plain old swirl. That weird looking one on the upper left corner kind of, is me trying to give my cupcake a spiky-hair frosting. It did work!! Just doesn't hold up too well. meh!

 Had it for breakfast!! Yup, it is healthy enough for breakfast, believe it or not. It's moist and the frosting did NOT taste weird or stevia-ish at all. (I hate stevia. Yucks!)
Maybe I could make it for my vegetarian aunt soon! Hope she'll love it!


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