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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Workout Goals

Do you know that headstand or inversion pose in yoga is very good for you? Not that other poses are not good but I specially like this one.
It helps with blood circulation and somebody said it helps with headaches! Of course its so much core work too.
As much as I love it, I can't do it!!

This is my best - inversion prep.
I can't even lift my leg off the floor, YET.
My goal is to lift my leg off the floor in a month.
You know, goals have to be achievable and attainable, hopefully mine is not myself over-estimating my core strength.

Then there is triceps push up.
I can do one without being on my knee.
This is annoying especially after working out for months.
But nothing is easy and easy is no use in the workout world.
So, I'm thinking 3 full triceps push up in 3 months.

It doesn't even matter if I lose weight anymore with these.
These are really about strength and my sustainability.
Inspirations and motivations, for myself.
If I try my best, at the end of the day, I will inspire myself.

It's all about mind, they say.
So I'm going to push through it.
Do you have things that you want to push through as well?


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