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Friday, March 29, 2013

Cake In a Skillet

Did I mention how excited I am to get my cast iron skillet?
They are awesome like everybody said they are.
AND you can make desserts in them, that just makes it even better, like SO MUCH better.
I heard you can make cookies in them, but for now I'm just making a cake in them and i don't know why but they really do taste so little better. (It's my obsession with the skillet, isn't it? sigh.)

I always start with dry ingredient, cause then I can use the same whisk to whisk the wet ingredient and don't have to dirty the new one. Less dishes is always a plus, uh huh.

Then we have wet ingredient. I mix it in the big measuring up like this, just to make pouring easier.

mix together, and looks like it's not coming around, but....

coming together!!!

finally, but don't overmix. you pour it into the skillet and...


I went on piping spree with cream cheese frosting.

and share them with everyone.

Just because this was the unhealthy cake and I didn't want myself to eat it all. Let everyone have their cheat day today for me?


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