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Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Food Favourite!

Feel free to feel like this is slowly turning into a food blog, cause even I feel so. Sigh. I wasn't even trying. It just happened.

If you haven't notice, I'm obsessively in love with nuts. Like the edible, healthy, delicious nuts please. Other kind of nuts may perhaps be edible for some people, but I doubt it to be healthy or delicious. I mean I don't know and I don't want to know. (Where is this leading to?)

Nuts. yes. Like hazelnut, peanut, pecan, marshmallow(What? Marshmallow is not a nut and it's unhealthy? I can't eat it everyday? Nooo....) and etc.
I mean it when I say obsessive. I'm addicted, uncontrollably addicted. It's like drug to me. I get headache if I don't have at least one every day(okay..maybe not like THAT but still.)
Lately it got intense when I found one of the most amazing thing in the world!
I mean it has been all over the place for a while but because it is not the cheapest thing in the world I didn't want to try it. I thought it won't be that much difference anyway.
In fact, NOW, I regret the choice of ever wanted and did try it. I'm hooked. I can finish a jar in a week all by myself! And that is only because I have self-control, or else I would have finish 31 jar in a month even when there is only 28 days.

So, here it is!

May I call you amazingness in a jar!!!
This is from Nuts To You(Proudly Canadian oooooh) and it's so far my favourite brand!
Well, I've only tried out 2 because that is all I can find here in Winnipeg and ordering other overpriced brand online is not an option.
This taste so much better than the one in the Bulk Barn, not saying that they are not good neither because they are still good! This one is less oily and more cashewy, like toasted cashew-y, like damn toasted cashew-y. So yea, I'm hooked.

I even bought carrot sticks so that I can dip into this thing and feel less guilty.
I spread an avocado layer over my toast so that I can spread extra thick layer of this on the other side because "to avoid the avocado overpowering my cashew butter taste." At least that's what I tell myself (wink wink)

This is seriously so good! If you can EVER can your hands on it, don't. You've been warned.


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