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Saturday, January 19, 2013


Still in trial though.
I'm not like crazy cookie fan, I don't usually want them or miss them or like go crazy when I see one.
But since I saw it on BenjimanTV and his collaboration partner where they make chocolate chip cookie, I've been craving for some nice chewy good old chocolate chip cookie.
The thing is, I don't want to make a whole batch of buttery goodness because I KNOW ME TOO WELL. I will inhale all of them by myself all at once. ya, so much of dieting for Korea.

After some researching I am now trial-ing my way to the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie that's healthy. I tend to forget what I did with recipes so I'm gonna try to remember by writing them down obviously, of my two trials. I refuse to call them fail!!! Because they taste amazing, just not chewy and i want the chewy cookies hence not fixing my craves (sad faces).

These boobies-looking cookies are my latest trial.
I will tell you why i shape them like that. Because I'm trying to crowd them all on one plate and the only way to do that is to make them big and since im using a ice cream scoop and I'm too lazy to reform them, I just put two scoop and stick them together. I know they don't spread much so I put them very close to each other. 
These are fudgy and chocolatey and really delicious.
I liked them but I probably used too much stevia or erythritol hence creating a weird aftertaste that I don't really like. These are definitely healthy though. Made with black beans and only 2 tbsp of refined sugar. I still add refined sugar into my cookie cause I don't have much faith in my other unrefined sugars yet. Healthy sugar substitutes are simply too expensive and I refuse to use them up so quickly. It's just too much for me to see my wallet hole grow bigger and bigger as I pour in the sugars. I'm sorry but, I really can't yet (cry face).

I put too little chocolate chip in these ones so the chocolate chip didn't end up the way I like them.
But because these have to be store in the fridge the chocolate chip did firm up so I can actually chew on some crispy bits which I really like. I am now considering storing all my chocolate chip cookies in the fridge for that reason.
Have to also trial on the problem if it's from stevia or erythritol. Most probably stevia because it really taste like the herb taste. It is known that Stevia doesn't act well in baking but erythritol is the one that leaves cooling sensation in your mouth, so I have to find that out. yay, more reasons to bake more batches of cookies!!! Don't worry I will give them away...maybe...
Will totally stop buying the one that cause problem to my cookies!!! I'm not mad at the sugar please, it's only because it's really expensive and there's no reason to buy food so expensive that I really don't like the taste of right? like "hey, this poop taste thing is expensive let's stock them up" ,
If it't not stevia, then I'll still have to find a tastier stevia because apparently one taste better than the other..... I don't really like the one I have right now. If it's stevia then I'm dropping it out of my pantry, if it's erythritol then hell I'm not buying that shit anymore! It's literally soooo expensive and it's not like stevia where I can find a better tasting one, they all taste the same. so, we'll see.

 I actually prefer these over the ones about in look(not because they don't look like boobs!). They look more like the one Benji and Bryon was making and THAT was the one I was craving for. These LOOK quite similar.
Taste wise, these doesn't have the weird aftertaste so I maybe prefer that more on this one. This one have just enough chocolate chip in them. I like to clearly identify the chocolate chips when I put them in my mouth but I can't do that with the fudgy ones because they are all so chocolatey. These ones though, because I didn't put any cocoa powder in the dough I can clearly taste the chocolate chip which gives me a different layer of taste and I really like that. Cocoa powder in the cookie dough is really overpowering and I can't taste the cookie and chocolate chip separately(dislike face). Conclusion, no cocoa powder in cookie dough and store them in fridge for crispy bits!
But this is one is not chewy nor fudgy, just light and stay slight crispy for the first few hours. Don't know what's the problem for that but I'll trial it out.

I forgot to sift my baking powder. Hence there was lumps of baking powder in my cookies (guilty face). Slap myself for laziness!
I'm really liking the 100% chocolate chip (that I cut up myself, with little 100% cocoa chocolate baking wafers). It is uber bitter when you eat it plain but since I got used to the pure chocolate, I'm really okay with them now, like I can actually eat plain 100% chocolate with no problem (other than it's too rich I can't inhale a bunch of them at once). In fact, I really like them! It's something I can't explain it to you but I really like how the chocolate stays on my taste palette and lingers. I've always been really adaptable with bitterness so it's really easy for me. But I know many people can't take it (Pecan absolutely hate it). So since I will still always love sweet things and Pecan will always have sweet tooth, why not make them into cookies right? Now everybody can have some sweet boost of antioxidants.
You can't taste the bitterness once they are incorporated into cookie (or probably any kind of pastry), but the amazing chocolate taste will lingers like it will when it was by itself. So it's definitely a win-win. I didn't even have to make the dough too sweet, the slight sweetness was all too good enough.
The melting chocolate was so tempting when they come out from the oven I almost can't wait for it too cool down, but I managed, don't worry. Eating warm desserts are apparently sins, just in case I  you don't know.

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