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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Me and the internet.

You know what's happening to me right now, like everyday?
I go on the internet, and because of business reasons(I work for my brother's company, kind of), I will go on Lookbook, my most favourite fashion site in the world(how surprisingly, created by Koreans.) Of course, I will check out their clothes. And then, I will find out where they get that specific item I like. And then, I will go to that website, and my struggle begins here.

It's like this endless stream of attraction towards me! (suffering face)
I will pick out a bunch of stuff, and it will end up being so super out of budget and I will end up struggling if I should get it.
My plan was always I'll pick all these stuff and at the cart I will remove some duplicates or unnecessary ones. Guess what? DOESN'T WORK!
I end up thinking,

"nooo, I need this one."

"nooo, this one is too pretty to give up."

"nooo, I have a black leggings but not like this so.."

"nooo, this is the trend right now."

like OH-MAI-GAWD! everything is everything I need! I can't remove anyone of them! Even though my total is now like $502.43. So much of saving money hey.

There's this ONE time, I like tell myself, I'll return them as soon as I saw them and/or if I think they don't fit me, yea, never happen(how surprising.)

You see why I mention avoid online shopping in my saving tips post. I'm telling ya, they are evil!

I came to a point where I decide to stop going on lookbook, but NO IT DOESN'T WORK! My brain can't stop thinking of those clothes. It's never ending! I already bought a bunch of stuff but it's never gonna be enough. Everytime I tell myself,

"this is ALL I need, I don't need anymore"

uh huh, NOT TRUE! As SOON as I landed on the website,

"I don't have a lot of sweater, I only have like 2"

"I don't have THIS specific kind of t-shirt, the cat on mine have blue eyes, this one have green"

"Oh-mai-gooooodness, 20% discount!"

I literally feel like I'm getting the shopaholic illness, the legit mental illness.

If you are wondering why this is happening.

All I do is stay home, and when you stay home you go find the "most evil". I want to go out too! Only if it's not -45 with windchill outside (cry face).
I went out when it's -35 windchill! See! But it's still TOO COLD!!
I even pick up workout! So that I could stay away from laptop a little while! See how much I'm trying here? You'll understand if you know how much I hate workout.

Reason no.2: It's Lunar New Year for everyone's sake!
Lunar New Year is the season to get new clothes for us Chinese! Even though I buy new clothes all year long but still!! I'm far away from home and buying clothes is the only way I can feel a little closer to this festive festival! Though all I get to do is window shopping, more like all I'm TRYING to do.

I did make a promise to myself that I will not spend money on MY clothing anymore, to save money! From this month on, cause last month didn't workout too well. Stop staring at me with your judging eyes! I will try again. Making it public,

I don't know, wish me luck! I need lots!

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