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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

this is for my dad.

Healthy food is really really expensive. I'm choking at the moment of typing this down. Why? Cause I miss my money. But like I said, I won't sacrifice anything for health, and I certainly (most importantly) don't want to add anymore to my waistline. So, some painful shopping I did.

IF these stuff last long enough though, m..maybe...I'll feel better... hopefully. Maybe I'll forget the fact that I was broke for 2 weeks because of health, and the fact that I have to give up a nice quality cast iron pan for that, and the fact that I have to give up a really nice coat I really like for that, and the fact that I'm here crying just because of the regretting feeling of choosing health over...wealth(more like shoes and clothes.)

It's been such a hit over the health blogs lately. Almost like a must have for a healthy lifestyle.
In fact, my "research" shows, they ARE very good for you. I don't even remember how is it actually helps but it IS the superfood of the year. Not rumored, it actually is, I promise. I just don't have the brain to memorized the health benefits and all the vitamins listed, don't judge!
Definitely on the luxury side though, 1kg for almost 28 dollar with tax. See, half of my coat gone.

I believe everyone knows about this, the famous extra virgin olive oil. Well-known for it's high antioxidants(and other health benefits that I don't remember). It is cheaper here than back at home but still expensive. The other half of my coat gone.

I have to get this! It is apparently very very good for your skin *ding ding ding!
obviously healthy but for a lady like me, what's more to care of than skin (don't try to give me a list, I know okay). But oil that's good for health AND skin? definitely a must buy right?
In fact, this can be made into like body bars so it's a bonus, yay!
Trying to cut out butter as it's the ultimate unhealthy fat so I'll need a substitute and the most coconut oil is it!

I think it's a grain? that's not full of carb. Essential for the on-diet me. Still trying to figure out a good use of it and trying to fall in love with it. It's full of protein and again, other health benefits. Trying to find a way to sub this for rice in my meals but you know, I cook for a rice eater too so it's hard. sigh. These men are so hard to please. sigh.

I know what you're thinking, but no. This is cacao nibs which is the antioxidant bitter part of chocolate. Almost like the 99% chocolate I bought. Again, very good for you and still trying to figure out some way to incorporate this to my diet. The reason why I can't is, it's because it's expensive and only have a little in there. It's actually a really small bag! I don't wanna finish it in a blink of eye and have to use another pair of shoes to buy a new bag of these. (stingy Asian face) I'm trying my best not to open it while trying my best to find ways for it to come into my diet... not sure how that works but...ya. did this show up here? BAD FOR YOU. DO NOT EAT THIS AT ANYTIME. Super fattening and unhealthy and buttery...and marshmellowey...and delicious...I mean evil!!! Go away wagon wheel babies devil!

Seeeee, my dear nag-so-much-and-always-worry daddy, I'm really trying to take good care of myself here. As you were wondering why do I always need so much money? Here is the reason why. HEALTHY FOODS ARE ALL WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!
( I didn't pay for Wagon wheel, my Mr. Pecan did!!! I only have 2 of them...maybe 3...)
I love your daughter as much as you do please!
If he ever sees this, hope he'll understand why am I always running out of money. sigh.

Yes dad, I know I know. I understand that I need to work hard so that I can earn money and really live healthy cause healthy is expensive. yes yes yes................. *daddy continues his daily worry talk

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