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Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello Bibi's babies!

I thought it's time.
They are simply the definition of cute.
I had to try sooo hard to not fall in love with these naughty heads but I can't help it.
They are such sweetie and just know exactly how to catch my heart.
I've only met them once and I decided that I need to kidnap them home for a day, so that's what I did.

They are big kids now, but I can still carry 3 of them at once.
On the way home though, they did get a little... heavier... I'm not complaining!!
I will never drop my babies.
They attracted some of the stray dogs and I was like NO! probably fiercer than Bibi will be if she was here.
Bibi, my baby and these babies' mummy, is a very protective mum.
So I'm the protective... grandmum?

So I got home and Bibi was really excited to see them.
Of course my smarty girl recognizes her children, she recognizes me after 2 years of not seeing me, so yea, of course she knows who these cuties are.
She checked on them, play with them, make sure they are okay, and got bully by the babies. It was awfully cute watching.
They still try to get milk from her, even though they all have teeth and it really hurts. She hates it. They love trying.

So I try to train them to sit, and training 3 puppies at the same time is simply not the simplest thing.
Luckily, I got the mum by my side supporting and coaching.
They all got so excited, jumping up and down as soon as they see the treat. I'm like "sit sit sit sit" nobody listens but the mum. So I fed the mum only. And in like 5 minutes, suddenly, Toto was sitting, and then Kuda learns to sits too, I didn't need to do anything and I'm like oooh~ mum really helps, she was a really good example!
But yeaaa, Magnum wasn't half as smart, I had to lightly press on his hind legs before he knows like

"ohhhh she wants me sit down!! Why didn't you just say so?!"

He was more like daddy... I don't know who daddy is but if he were to inherited my Bibi's smartness, he would definitely be smart like his brothers and sisters.
Not a problem! We still love you Magnum!  By we, I only mean me, kakak only like Kuda.

Yup I'm the smart one.

"I learned how to sit!!"

"Give it to me already!"

I swear he's secretly a little wolf.

That's them wanting treats. Sigh. They are not obedient for no reason.

"Am I finally doing this right?!"

Did I mention how much Magnum love shoes?
Yea he does.

"Just chilin here, acting really well sitting right beside ya."
They want something from me don't they.

Ok, it's just the morning, still early.

Contemplating how to make a mess today.

"Do I have to pretend to be good today again? sigh, it's so hard."

"I think I have an idea!"

We actually gave them to a very close family friend so that is why I have to carry them home.
It was nice and all that they are getting taken care of but I will miss them.


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