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Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Live AGAIN in Malaysia

There's thing that I am just not used to anymore.
Cut me some slack, I'm still a real Malaysian, I just haven't been practicing.

First, I kept forgetting that we always drive on the other side, and driver seat is on the right.
I keep trying to get into the driver seat and my mum will look at me like,

"so, you driving hon?"

It's actually pretty dangerous, as I would actually look out on the wrong side when I'm trying to cross the road. Good thing we don't cross the road any way like when we are in Canada, so I'm actually extra careful anyway.
One thing I do remember this time, is how to cross the road. Last trip, which is like 2 years ago, I was freaking out on the street of Taiwan outside my hotel. I felt absolutely defeated, to the street. I lost the ability to cross the Asian street. So I'm real proud that this time, I kept my survival skills.

You also always, and I mean ALWAYS, have to bring napkins or tissue paper of some kind with you wherever you go. They are not free nor are they available everywhere. If you don't have tissue paper with you, more often than normal, you have to ask someone for it. If you live here, you usually remember to bring some with you. Like mum, she always have at least 2 pack with her. Since we are not the most sweat-less people... Whenever it's almost the end of meal time, you see us looking for my mum for tissue paper. It's just how it works.
Sometimes, washroom don't even have toilet paper and you are just stuck there. Trust me, it's not rare at all that washroom here does not provide tissue paper. We don't really trust people here, unfortunately.

"Don't look presentable"

That is what my mum has been telling me these days. We need to not catch any attention whatsoever.
It's not that easy mum, with the genes you gave me, I can't hide these exploding beauty... of yours. *mega hairflip*
We are not in the safest country, not even close to a safer surroundings, so you just always have to be cautious everywhere you go. You absolutely shouldn't look tourist, that's the deal.
You have no idea how many creepy stares I've gotten when I first arrived with my sweater.
It makes you wonder what are they planning in their evil minds.

I guess staying focused and cautious is always very important when you are outside anyway.
In a country that has a pretty high snatching and pick-pocketing rate, precaution has to be taken.
Bags always within sight and never leave you, don't bring important documents with you, don't take drinks from stranger, etc etc.

It might sound scary, but these are just something I noticed that I have to suddenly be really careful about, just to survive and live.


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