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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hi home.

So first day back.

First thought:

I'm melting.
No wait, I melted.

How is it even possible to survive this. How did I do this?

My hair is frizzy, I always feel dirty since I'm always sweating.
I don't feel like moving cause I feel like if I move a finger I will start sweating.
This is the part where I definitely don't miss.

Then there is everything else.

I got off the flight, my darling cousin girl, picked me up with my dad.
Oh dear, how much she has grown.
My little girl, how much I miss her.
(I miss my dad too but I just saw him like a month ago so he is less missed =P)

Did I tell you how I came back to a crazy rain?
And no, it didn't cool down nothing.
I'm still melting!!

Not cool, weather, not cool.

Head home, shower and out for dinner.
Our car was way too full so we have my beloved uncle to pick us up, and then we went to pick up my aunt and my little cousin brother.
My darling cousin brother, what a handsome thing.
Also the sweetest thing on earth.
He always remember to give me hugs, unlike the sister, grrr.

Then I saw my bro, sis in law, my godmumsie, and my maid.
I looked so calm too, but secretly I was dancing and hopping around inside. After all, these are the people I miss the most. I want to pack them in my pocket and take them with me if I can.

I'm so tired all I can do is trying to not sleep, but nothing is working. I napped all the way from home to the restaurant.

I'm going to sleep right after this.
Tomorrow is a early flight.

I missed home here, but now I miss home there too.

View from my living room window at 6 in the morning last week.
Helps making me feel better a little bit.


 ps: I love my Classic Walking Fedora hat! and excuse my tired face.

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