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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lets talk Thai food

My first day back, I'm already thinking about all this food I need to have before I go.
There's so many of them, I don't really know where to start, good thing my uncle already figured it out for me.

Thai food it is.

We went to this amazing, beautiful, award-winning (I know it's award-winning, there's gold plates all over the wall) Thai restaurant that my uncle have heard of since a while ago but never been to. His words were to wait for me to come back and have this special moment with me. How is he not the sweetest?! 

We were super late cause of the traffic, and so they already ordered so all I needed to do was to sit down and pig out as soon as I arrived.

It's crazy how long haven't I actually tasted authentic Thai food.  
The mango salad was simply amazing for me, but I guess like my mum said, at this point everything will be crazy awesome to me.
I was like, there you go, THIS is how mango salad is suppose to taste like.

There is many other things that I could talk about, like the huge tiger crab, and the cockle clams cooked in green curry sauce or something.

But this, this is what completes my first day.

Durian ice cream (from REAL durian) with actual durian and sweet sticky rice. 
What is this heaven right here?
Don't judge me, I'm Malaysian, durian is everything.


Journey of Thai food to be continued...

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