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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Night Market let's go!

I'll first have to admit, I don't really like going to night market.
I think the last one I went to must have been a longgggg time ago, I definitely forgot about all the fun stuff you see and do there.
All I remember is mosquitoes, dirty, muddy grounds and the horrible crowd. I hate very crowded places, gives me a headache.
This time my mum wanted me to go cause she was going to meet up with her friend, so to accompany her, I went anyway and I can't believe how much fun I had!

I can't believe I forgot about all these food they sell here, all these weird little things that you might not be able to find anywhere else.
This is one of the thing we used to always have as a kid, a big part of my childhood savings goes here. I can't tell you what's so good about it now, but it's the best for us since Malaysia is extremely warm.
Back in the days, this little truck will drive around my neighbourhood with a speaker, chanting its name to let us kids know that he's here and we will rush outside to stop him and buy it from him.
Later when I go to high school, this truck would also wait outside the backdoor of my school during after school hours and all these kids will just gather around his truck for a little treat after school.
What this is, is just icey syrup(?). Its not sorbet, not ice cream, definitely not shaved ice. It really is just frozen syrup kind of thing. You drink it with a straw and you will drink up all the syrup until there is only ice left. It costs like RM1 I think, back then at least.

Fruits! In Malaysia we always have all these colourful fruits everywhere. Although our vegetables are often not that amazing, our fruits are definitely one of the best. They are also extremely cheap compared to what I can get in Canada, ugh. I think we have papaya, guava, Mr. A's favourite, waxed - apple. Just to show off, I bought quite a bit home and devour them in seconds. They are extremely sweet.

Did I forget to mention about all these weird looking fruits we have here? We have the very well-known, spiky, delicious, amazing King of Fruits, Durian. We also have Mangosteen, a.k.a Queen of Fruits, that looks kind of weird too, purple in colour and if you accidentally got it on your shirt or something, it never comes off. Then we have this, Soursop. In Chinese, it also have Durian in its name for the spiky look but not the smell.
A lot of these are not necessarily local but we still have great access to it and it's not expensive at all!

Remind me again, why did I have dinner before I come here?
All these food, man.
Char Kueh Kak. I'm drooling just looking at this.
These are square noodles fried in soy sauce, bean sprout, garlic heaven.
I like it with an egg.

I also found this really cool cake vendor.
I've never seen anyone sell cake like that.
This is just on the street night market and they just look sooo good.
I didn't get to try any but it is one of the most popular stall that night.
Maybe next time.

That's all for my special night market trip.
It was really fun looking like a tourist.
Gotta come back with empty stomach next time!


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